Do you feel like, despite all of your accomplishments, you’re still struggling to be happy?

Are you sick of having bad day after bad day, caught in a vicious cycle of your own emotions, knowing that it shouldn’t be so hard — but unable to find relief?

The dirty little secret is that most top-performing women feel like this, but almost no one talks about it out of fear of looking weak or foolish. Even though these feelings are natural and you shouldn’t feel guilty about having them, you don’t have to let them control you either. You just need to learn how to channel them differently so they start working for you instead of against you.

You want to feel confident and in control.
You want to be happy and free from stress and anxiety.
And you want this for every area of your life, from work to romance.

When I began working with Melody, I was at a crossroads personally and professionally. I was struggling with low self-confidence and had many fears holding me back at work and in my relationships. Working with Melody helped me learn how to stop internalizing negative feelings and how to stop comparing myself to others. Melody helped me push beyond a series of losses (a difficult break up and a job loss) to come out stronger on the other side. The result: I felt more in control of my life, began to speak up, be more assertive, and value myself in relationships. I highly recommend Melody for anyone who feels lost or confused on their current path.

- L.A., Fashion Designer

Melody has an innate ability to quickly identify what is happening in a situation with a limited amount of information and then guide you through the chaos to help you reach the other side. Before I started working with her, I felt like I was drowning in the stress and overwhelm at my job (which no amount of yoga, self-care or anything else I tried seemed to help). Using the tools that Melody introduced me to, I have a new-found sense of control over my life and an excitement for my future that was not there before. Melody helped me re-frame my thought patterns to be more growth mindset oriented and I am OVERJOYED with the positive changes to my attitude, self-esteem, and outlook in 3 short months.  Most of all, Melody is authentic and realistic. She does not preach fluffy concepts that sound good on the outside but don’t really work for what’s happening on the inside.  If you are looking for a Sherpa in your life’s journey who can help you find your North Star – Melody is the one for you!

- M.M., Human Resource Director

In just a few weeks, I achieved revenue goals way beyond my expectations as someone starting a side business. I believe Melody’s goal-setting approach set me up to achieve those goals. She’s helped me challenge certain beliefs, which allowed me to come out of a work-derailing funk. Melody guides me on ways to be assertive but also take care of myself. My favorite thing about Melody is her demeanor and her way of being as a coach. She is so calm and collected in the face of whatever barrage of issues I have presented her with this week. Our conversations feel like I’m taking my boat out of a turbulent river and placing it in a calm lake. It’s almost like a meditation! No matter what you’re struggling with, Melody brings you back to center and puts you in the perfect place to receive the unique mindset shifts she provides.

- A.G., Software Engineer and Artist

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Let me help you take back control, get out of your own way and finally have the confidence and self-assurance you’ve been craving.

Whether you’re…

  • stressed out to the point where you’re skipping lunch, missing sleep, and always waking up dreading the day ahead
  • feeling like you’re not good enough and don’t deserve what you have — or that luck is the only reason you’re successful and it’s only a matter of time until you’re going to be exposed for the “impostor” that you are
  • at the top of your game in the office, but feeling like your social and romantic relationships are falling way short.
  • stuck on a plateau and feel like you’re falling behind, even though you know you’re meant for bigger things
  • suffering from what I like to call “Solopreneur Blues” — feeling lonely and isolated while running your business
  • fed up with having to battle chronic self-doubt and negative self-talk, and ready to do anything to stop it

I’m here for you! I’ve helped many of top-performers just like you navigate the complex struggles that come with achievement by providing the perfect combination of emotional support and pragmatic guidance. You can read my clients’ success stories and what they have to say about working with me.

If you’re finally ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling like your true self again, let’s talk.

Schedule your free, no-obligation call to talk through what you’re looking to achieve in your career and life.


Working with Melody gave me confidence and structure I needed to take a life-changing step forward in my career. I had been in a job for a year where I was surrounded by negativity. My skills and growth had stagnated. At times I felt hopeless. That all changed when I started working with Melody. I felt equipped and safe to make the decision to leave a bad situation and move towards a brighter future. Thank you!

- L.M., Non-Profit Marketing Professional

Attribution: #WOCinTech Chat

If you are struggling with Impostor Syndrome, Melody can help. I worked with coaches before and found it valuable, but Melody’s unique approach was so effective. With her support, I quit a toxic job and, more importantly, she helped me rebuild my self-esteem. She gave me actionable advice on how to take risks in a way that paid off and helped me negotiate my new position. Melody provides a sounding board to help you figure out your next career move, even if it’s really scary and/or uncomfortable. Best of all she’s kind, empowering, and helps you realize where you may be underestimating your contributions and skills.

- A.B., UX Researcher

Let’s face it, you’ve probably tried to resolve your problems on your own already, but you’re still here now in search of help.

It’s hard to admit that though we’ve tried to improve ourselves, we came up short. We want to believe that if we just try a little harder, next time it will be different. But how many “next times” have you had already, and yet you’re still feeling stuck?

The good news is, even if you’re feeling like that now, it doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless!

If you actually want to start seeing results (like these!), then it’s time for you to be honest with yourself that what you’ve tried before now hasn’t really worked, and that you’re ready to accept guidance from someone who has been able to help women just like you master their personal challenges time and time again.

If you are, then together we can get you off that emotional roller coaster and put you back in control.


Your next step is to schedule a free, no-obligation call to talk through what you’re looking to achieve in your career and life.

Working with Melody has been worth every freaking penny. I’m so thankful to have her in my corner.

- L.G., Management Consultant

For nearly four years, Melody has been my Virgil, coming into my life as a light when things were at their darkest and most confusing. In our time working together, she’s guided me to strength I didn’t know I had time and time again, helping me turn a life strangled by other people’s expectations into one of conscious, intentional joy at work and at home. I left a toxic relationship and more than one toxic work environment. I also have moved into my own apartment, built a healthy relationship and changed careers (along with nearly doubling my salary). With her advice, I always feel ready to take on a new challenge, push myself, and take risks. Without her, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today.
- M.G.W, Associate Producer at Top Media Company