Enjoy success without the stress

Regain your confidence and control at work with Sensitive Striver coaching.

Enjoy success without the stress

Regain your confidence and control at work with one-on-one coaching.

From the outside, it seems like you have it all.

A great job, an upward career trajectory, a steady stream of accomplishments.

But on the inside…it feels like havoc.

  • You're constantly stressed and anxious, unable to "turn off" and disconnect from work at the end of the day.
  • You feel guilty saying no, often take on too much, and find it hard to set boundaries and avoid people-pleasing.
  • You worry that you're not good enough, and Impostor Syndrome holds you back from speaking up and providing value.
  • You feel emotionally fragile, and every criticism or setback sends you down a negative spiral.

You’re not alone in feeling this way. Sensitive Strivers – smart, driven, sensitive professionals like you and me – often do.

Emotional intelligence and ambition are the hallmarks of a powerhouse performer. But if left unchecked, they can also fuel stress and self-doubt and keep you from fully enjoying your success. That’s where coaching comes in. 

It's time to enjoy success without the stress.

Imagine confidently saying the things my clients say after one-on-one coaching…

Client Success: Katherine's renewed energy

Katherine is a Product Management Lead for a high-growth startup in Silicon Valley. When we met, I could tell right away that Katherine had a naturally goal-oriented personality and put a lot of pressure on herself to perform.

Katherine came to me when the demands of her role became more than she could handle. She had trouble sleeping at night, always up with worries about what needed to get done at work. And she feared and avoided delivering tough feedback to her employees, which led to poor communication and confusion on her team. 

But after working together, Katherine’s long standing Sunday evening

Now she lays down at night relaxed and drifts asleep peacefully in minutes. She jumps out of bed each morning bursting with energy, excited for the day ahead. 

Best of all, when she stopped second-guessing herself, Katherine developed the strength and confidence to trust her judgement, even in the face of complex, ambiguous decisions. As a result, the company’s CEO tapped her for a high-visibility project––expanding their offices internationally. 

Coaching with Katherine focused on:

  • Identifying techniques to manage her thoughts more effectively.
  • Learning tools and skills to have candid, constructive feedback conversations with her team without dreading it.
  • Making decisions with imperfect information instead of getting paralyzed.

It's time for a breakthrough.

You don’t need someone to tell you to think positively. Like most of my clients, I know you’ve tried that already. 

You’ve also read countless books, prioritized self-care, and maybe even spent thousands of dollars on a therapist before. 

And while those things helped temporarily, you’re here because you’re still plagued by emotional overwhelm and overthinking. 

You need an experienced coach who understands the specific challenges you’re facing and has the proven expertise. You need a coach who can support you with customized strategies so you can…

  • Quiet your mind, fall asleep faster, and wake up refreshed each morning
  • Stop grabbing for fatty foods to treat your stress and gaining weight
  • Find fulfillment at work and direction in your life
  • Be more pleasant and present with your family, friends, and co-workers
  • Have time to go to the gym, volunteer, or rediscover hobbies
  • Regain work-life balance to save your relationship from breakup or divorce
  • Gain mental focus to conquer your to-do list and make progress on your goals
  • Translate confidence into opportunities like getting a promotion, raise, or bigger bonus

Before Melody, I was drowning in stress and overwhelm, and no amount of yoga, self-care, or anything else I tried seemed to help. Now, I have control over my life and new excitement for my future.

M.M., Head of Program Management

Here's why Sensitive Striver coaching is different:

My clients say my approach is unlike anything they’ve tried before:

  • It strikes the perfect balance between action-taking and introspection.
  • It's grounded by the latest research on neuroscience, communication, leadership, and professional development.
  • And it acknowledges your emotions, leveraging them to help you face your blind spots with customized steps to change.

As one of my clients puts it:

“Melody is equal parts strategist, advisor, & sherpa.”

Hear from past clients

Here’s what they have to say about my approach and working with me:

What makes me different from other coaches:

My experience

I’ve helped thousands of Sensitive Strivers break free from self-doubt and overthinking so they can lead effectively.

My clients include CEOs, executives, and top performers at the world’s most successful Fortune 500 companies.

My background

I’m a licensed social worker with a Masters degree from Columbia University.

I’m also professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College and a former researcher at Rutgers University, where I worked with the world’s leading psychologists.

My methodology

I’ve created a proprietary diagnostic process and framework based on my decades of work as a researcher and coach. 

These proven tools give you data to understand and calibrate your innate STRIVE qualities to get out of your own way and become the leader you know you’re capable of being.

My journey

I understand the challenges smart, sensitive high-achievers face, because I am one too. 

I think and feel everything deeply, and like you, I’ve struggled with insecurity, Imposter Syndrome, and burnout. But I’ve also learned how to master my ambition and sensitivity and leverage my strengths productively.

Serving clients at:

Success is an inside job, and my clients prove it.

Here are some of the goals they’ve accomplished during one-on-one coaching:

Advanced to a role in the

Earned a and award as the top 1% in their field

Negotiated raise

Changed careers and nearly her salary

Got promoted in one year

Started a new business and hit ambitious

Client Success: Michael earned a triple bonus

Michael is a driven, sensitive professional who serves as a Senior Marketing and Events Manager. When he came to coaching, he was a brand new people manager and needed help transitioning from individual contributor to team leader.

Michael was stretched thin. He was constantly exhausted as a result of 10-hour days filled with back-to-back meetings. He also felt the pressure to keep his team inspired and motivated amidst tight deadlines and changes within the firm.

After working together, Michael's improved performance earned him a triple bonus, an award as the top 1% professionals in his field, and

With his new salary, Michael was able to pay for his family to take a two-week “trip of a lifetime” around the world. And he can afford to invest more in her 401k, putting him on the path to retire early.  

Coaching with Michael focused on:

  • Getting clear on a leadership and influence style that felt authentic to him
  • Letting go of people-pleasing patterns that caused him to over-commit
  • Creating boundaries and systems to support his self-care and well-being even when work pressure was on

What you get with one-on-one coaching:

After a decade of doing this work, I’ve identified the three components that go into thriving emotionally and professionally as a sensitive leader. These components will help you develop the skills and tools needed to enjoy success without the stress and self-doubt you’re experiencing now.

Get to the Root of Your Challenges

Increasing your self-awareness allows you to understand how sensitivity has shaped your behavior as well as your view of yourself and your career. 

We start off with my proprietary STRIVE diagnostic, which is designed to identify and define your specific opportunities for growth. Armed with this data, we can then create a customized plan for your coaching journey.

Turn Sensitivity Into a Strength

It’s crucial to learn how to use sensitivity to support your ambition, instead of letting it fuel self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts.

Through proven, practical strategies, you’ll create habits that allow you to thrive as a Sensitive Striver. This includes tactics to manage overthinking, navigate Imposter Syndrome, cultivate assertiveness and boundaries, and let go of perfectionism.

Create a Clear Plan for the Future

Insecurity can lead Sensitive Strivers to pursue success on other people’s terms rather than their own. We need to unearth your true values and priorities so you can reach personally meaningful goals.

By realigning your ambition with your authentic desires, you’ll discover a hidden source of self-confidence and strength to become the person you aspire to be.

Life is tough my darling, but so are you.

Stephanie Bennett Henry

Ready to enjoy success without the stress?

Here’s what one-on-one coaching looks like in practice:

In-depth Assessment

We start off with my proprietary STRIVE diagnostic battery to get to the heart of what’s holding you back from experiencing the confidence and fulfillment you want.

Action Plan

We devise a plan aligned with your goals, needs and strengths. We’ll review and build upon it as the weeks progress, so you see results fast.

Proven Strategies

We apply the latest, evidence-based psychology research and techniques to find structured, proactive ways to solve the challenges you’re currently facing.

  • Proprietary diagnostic tools

Coaching begins with a simple yet powerful, data-driven diagnostic to based on your unique attributes as a Sensitive Striver. Uncover your biggest areas for growth and better understand where you’re flourishing versus where you need the most work. 

  • In-depth pre-coaching evaluation of your strengths and struggles

My clients say this assessment process alone unlocks insights and a-ha moments that catalyze their transformation from stuck to unstoppable.

  • 90-minute Deep Dive Kickoff session

In this initial, extended session, we’ll debrief your pre-work, set goals for your coaching journey, and devise an initial action steps so you can reach your full potential. 

  • 4 months of biweekly 1:1 coaching over phone or video

Over the course of 8 sessions, we’ll uncover your blind spots and arm you with concrete steps to develop greater confidence and inner peace. Expect tailored guidance to push past roadblocks standing in your way.

  • Accountability checks to track your progress

Before every session, you get an accountability form so you can maximize your results from coaching. Plus, when you see and feel the progress you’re making, it inspires you to keep going. 

  • Reflection Point review

This feedback process helps consolidate and celebrate new behaviors and improvements you’ve achieved through coaching to either bring closure to our time together or to set us up for your next stage of development. 

  • Personalized resources to further your development

Get hand-picked worksheets, activities, exercises, articles, book recommendations, and more customized to your needs and designed to translate your insights into measurable performance increases.

  • Email support between sessions

Have me “on call” between sessions to help you implement specific strategies or navigate unexpected challenges so you never stall out again. 

  • Free access to a library of coaching tools trainings

This includes worksheets, exercises, and workshops on imposter syndrome, assertive communication, and managing emotions. If relevant to your goals, you’ll also be enrolled in my media program, The Media Darling Method.

  • Exclusive bonuses for your eyes only

Be the first to get your hands on sneak peeks of my upcoming book, TRUST YOURSELF, along with complimentary admission into select webinars and others events. 

  • Unlimited document review to help you present and negotiate

Master concise, powerful communication by getting my eyes on your strategic plans, emails, cover letter, resume, pay raise requests, business copywriting, performance reviews, and more. Document review also covers feedback on coaching homework, journaling reflections, etc.

  • Private monthly masterminds

Each month, you get a private mastermind session with my other top-performing clients. These calls are a combination of brainstorming, advice, feedback, and support on topics like navigating difficult conversations, building/leading a team, overcoming self-criticism, and more.  

Select The Package That's Right For You

Proprietary Diagnostic Tools
In-depth pre-coaching evaluation
90-Minute kick off session
3 months of bi-weekly coaching
Accountability checks
Reflection Point review process
personalized resources
email support
Library of trainings
exclusive bonuses
unlimited document review
Private monthly masterminds
INVESTMENT $3,000 $4,500

Working with Melody helped me turn a life strangled by other people’s expectations into one of conscious, intentional joy at work and at home.

M.W., VP of digital production

The true cost of workplace stress and burnout

Kelly’s hair was falling out.

Kelly was poised to become a VP at media company. She was a go-getter who loved her job and took pride in going above and beyond. Recently, Kelly had taken on a big, new project. Kelly was excited about leveling up in her career, but it also meant massively more stress.

Soon the demands of her 60-plus hour weeks became too much…

  • She battled daily migraines and hair began to fall out
  • Her husband complained she was distracted at the dinner table
  • Her son said he missed the old mommy

Kelly wanted to say no, delegate, and to stop taking on so much. But the thought of saying no felt like crushing anxiety.  In her head, Kelly told herself stories like….

  • I must please my boss
  • I must execute this project perfectly
  • I must do everything...or I’m admitting I’m a fraud
  • No one can know how insecure I am

Kelly went on like this—crumbling internally under pressure for five years…until she couldn’t anymore. Kelly had to take a medical leave from her job. And she’s not the only one… 

  • 91 percent of workers say having an unmanageable amount of stress negatively impacts the quality of their work
  • 77 percent of people have experienced burnout at their current job
  • 75 percent of highly sensitive people have burned out at least once in their career

Burnout drains $125 billion and $190 billion from the economy every year. Without coaching, Kelly’s stress could have personally cost her hundreds of thousands in lost wages and healthcare bills––not to mention her quality of life. 

Instead, Kelly was able to turn her situation around with the support of coaching. 

She knew the time off and the rest was just one piece of a bigger puzzle. Kelly had struggled in previous jobs–– pushing too hard while doubting herself. She realized that if she didn’t address the underlying patterns that led her to this crisis, nothing would ever change.  

Coaching helped remove the psychological obstacles that limited her potential. Through coaching, Kelly regained a sense of fulfillment and developed a greater sense of confidence and wholeness in herself –– all while remaining a high-performer.

Kelly went on to 10x her investment in coaching that year by earning the promotion she deserved. 

That’s because companies reward strong, stable leaders. Leaders who participate in coaching see 50 to 70 percent increases in work performance, job satisfaction, time management and team effectiveness. 

So just imagine…

  • What could you do with an extra $30,000 to $100,000 a year?
  • How much would it mean to you to make up to an additional $1 to $3.5 million in your lifetime?
  • What type of impact could you have on your company’s bottom line and you team’s performance if you were more confident and engaged?

It’s time to discover what’s possible when you get out of your own way. 

Coaching packages start at $3,000 (payment plans available)

Your questions, answered

I’ve worked both as a coach and a therapist, and know the strengths and weaknesses of both disciplines.

Psychotherapy is recommended for the treatment of diagnosable mental disorders and trauma. Coaching, on the other hand, is for individuals who are mentally healthy and is designed to increase your level of performance (more on that answered in the question below). This comprehensive guide will help you figure out which one is right for you.

In my work, I infuse coaching with psychology to get a holistic purview of your situation and craft highly customized action plans. I leverage my decades of research in psychology, human behavior, and professional development to help you face your blind spots and devise steps to change through a balance of introspection and action-taking.

This unique approach is one reason my clients find coaching with me more valuable and effective than therapy alone.

Coaching is akin to climbing a mountain with a Sherpa. The Sherpa guides the way and gives you tools to succeed, but ultimately you’re the one defining the goal and walking the path.

Coaching is best suited for those looking for hands-on support to improve their leadership performance or those who wish to advance in the workplace or in their careers. Coaching provides the structure, accountability, and personal insights you need to take action and reach your potential. 

I’m not the coach for you if you’re unclear about your goals, looking to discover what you want to do for a living, or unsure about what you’re passionate about. Likewise, I work with clients who are open-minded, take ownership, and follow through on what’s most important to them when they have the right guidance. 

Coaching isn’t for you if you want someone to tell you what to do, or do the work for you.  As your coach, I’m here to support you in reaching your goals and leveraging your strengths. Your results with coaching depend on how much of yourself you bring to the process and how much work you’re willing to put in. 

If you’re unsure that coaching is the next step for you, I invite you to book a call with me to find out. We’ll talk about you’re looking to achieve and whether coaching is what you need to get there or not.

If we determine we’re a good fit after a call, we’ll start with an in-depth assessment of the barriers holding you back from enjoying success without stress.

Based on this assessment, we’ll craft an action plan aligned with your goals and work through it in our sessions.

During our time together, we’ll meet on a biweekly basis for your sessions. There are three main components I work on with Sensitive Strivers, but the format and progression of the sessions is personalized to each client and their specific needs.

Most clients start to see early results in as little as two weeks. I’m 100% committed to you and will always bring my A-game to our sessions, but coaching isn’t a magic bullet. Your personal results will depend on how much of yourself you bring to the process and how much work you’re willing to put in.

This is how we ensure you’ll experience lasting change instead of a fleeting, superficial relief.

When we work together, no matter for how long, I’ll always be challenging you to continue developing your mental and emotional mastery. There’s no limit to how much you can grow, so there’s also no limit to how long our partnership can last.

Sessions are via phone or video. I don’t offer in-person sessions.​

I serve clients around the world, and we’re always able to schedule sessions in a way that works for both of us.

Since you don’t need to leave home to join our sessions, scheduling is a lot easier!

Your package include unlimited email support between sessions to help you reinforce insights, implementing specific strategies, or navigate unexpected challenges.

Coaching isn’t covered by insurance, but may be tax deductible.​ Your employer may pay for coaching or reimburse you – ask me for more information!