Registration re-opens January 9th. Program starts January 18th. Only 10 spots left! Enrollment is $2,800 if paid in full.

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For two years, my client Janice was stuck in a cycle of overworking.

Work was all she talked about with her husband. Work was all she dreamed about at night. And work was all she thought about as soon as she woke up.

Sure, she had a long list of accomplishments as a Director of Analytics. But she wasn’t happy or proud of what she had achieved. It never felt like enough.

See, Janice was caught in a cycle of overworking and overthinking that led to burnout.

Maybe you can relate? Do you:

If you can resonate with any of the above, you’re a Sensitive Striver.

A high-achiever who’s more attuned to their emotions, the world, and the behavior of those around them. You’re different from nearly 80% of people in the workplace. Your special wiring that leads you to think and feel everything more deeply. But being a Sensitive Striver doesn’t have to feel like a curse.

When you tap into your unique qualities, you gain an upper hand in the workplace.

If you want to:

Then you’ve come to the right place.


With a powerful combination of coaching, community, and curriculum, emerge in 90 days with deep confidence you'll feel ... and others will notice.

Just like Janice did. Because after completing the program, she has:


That's because THIS comprehensive program takes you from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and lacking confidence...

To feeling self-assured, grounded , and in control of your emotions and reactions.

Without feeling helpless or like there's something wrong with you.

Hi, I’m Melody Wilding -
Executive Coach for Sensitive Strivers and Best-Selling Author of Trust Yourself

I’ve helped thousands of sensitive leaders at the world’s most successful Fortune 500 companies get out of their own way by mastering their emotions and channeling their sensitivities and ambitions in productive and healthy ways.

Named one of Business Insider’s “Most Innovative Coaches,” clients say my approach is unlike anything they’ve tried before.

That’s because not only am I a licensed social worker and human behavior professor who has been working with Sensitive Strivers for over ten years…

But I also know how it feels to be a Sensitive Striver… because I am one myself.

I understand what it’s like to feel like an oddball and not be able to put a finger on why. 

As a Sensitive Striver, your conscientious nature means you take everyone’s feelings into consideration. You contemplate things like:

Overcoming these internal conflicts is crucial if you want to elevate your power, presence, and impact in the workplace.

Because recognizing – but more importantly, channeling – your qualities as a Sensitive Striver is the life-changing work we’ll accomplish together inside RESILIENT.



What makes RESILIENT different

Unlike many coaching programs out there, RESILIENT isn’t a course that’s just been slapped together. And it’s definitely not for high-achievers who lack self-awareness or compassion for others. It’s the complete opposite.

Instead, RESILIENT was specifically crafted for Sensitive Strivers like you.

I invested hundreds of hours working with a learning designer, to create a bespoke program unlike anything you would have enrolled in before.

This 90-day program includes...


You’ve probably read countless books, listened to dozens of podcasts, and maybe even enrolled in leadership programs before. You might have even read my book, TRUST YOURSELF. That’s great! But without real-time input and face-to-face interaction, there’s a limit to how much you develop into becoming the confident, grounded professional you want to be.

What makes RESILIENT so powerful is our weekly group coaching calls, which our alumni say is life-changing. You’ll get direct access to me and my highly trained coaching team to tackle whatever challenges you’re facing at work.


As a licensed social worker and human behavior professor, I’ve packed this program with tools and strategies backed by neuroscience and human behavior psychology. Tools that are directly beneficial for Sensitive Strivers.

Unlike other programs that are based on anecdotal evidence, you’ll gain access to the latest scientific research that helps professionals like you get to the next level in your career, with greater ease. Once you learn how to harness your unique strengths through science, you’ll finally use your sensitivities to your advantage.


I’ve pinpointed 6 key qualities of Sensitive Strivers:

1. Sensitivity
2. Thoughtfulness
3. Responsibility

4. Inner Drive
5. Vigilance
6. Emotionality

Together, we’ll uncover which of these 6 qualities are currently out of balance in your life with your own personalized report, so you can easily track your progress over the 90 days. Not only will you visually see your progress, but you’ll also feel balance and harmony re-enter your work life.


If you’ve ever joined a coaching program before, it’s likely you’ve felt like the oddball. Maybe there were dominant personalities who took over all of the calls while you sat silently, never getting your voice heard or your questions answered. Or, maybe the challenges your peers faced were different than your own, and you felt like the only one who struggled with being sensitive.

Inside RESILIENT, you’ll have the support of seasoned, intelligent Sensitive Strivers and have access to our private community space hosted on Circle.  Every one of our alumni says the most valuable thing they get out of this program is connecting deeply with other professionals who are wired just like them.

Here’s how RESILIENT has transformed alumni’s lives

The only program you’ll ever need to
reclaim your confidence, stop overthinking & achieve success without so much stress

I put everything I’ve learned working with professionals just like you for over a decade, inside this program. So you can achieve your goals while enjoying peace, no matter what work throws your way.

90-Day Program
3 High-Value Pillars:
Private Member Community:

Take imperfect action so you can jump, not step, into discomfort and achieve your goals

Give yourself permission to do the things or say what you need to assert yourself while feeling grounded

Navigate tricky workplace dynamics like disagreements and conflict with your boss or colleagues

Feel safe disconnecting from work and allowing yourself to rest, have hobbies, and discover an identity beyond the office

Become more strategic and quick in your decision-making so you can feel confident in your choices

Reduce the draining cycles of overanalyzing and ruminating over past interactions or decisions

Break free from people-pleasing patterns that keep you overworked and out of alignment with your vision of success

Use your voice in meetings to become visible and influential, and show up as a high-profile candidate for new initiatives

Registration re-opens January 9th. Program starts January 18th. Only 10 spots left! Enrollment is $2,800 if paid in full.

Everything you get when you join RESILIENT

Custom curriculum

You’ll be guided on a 90-day journey to channel your sensitivity and ambition for success. The curriculum features actionable, bite-sized lessons that are jam-packed with evidence-based, practical information.

Watch the lessons on-demand from the comfort of your own home and your own schedule. You have six months to access the classroom, which means you can revisit it when new challenges arise. You’ll receive access to the classroom as soon as you enroll.

Weekly group coaching call

These 90-minute calls every Thursday at 3 pm ET are the heart of the program and provide an opportunity to take action and find accountability to reach your goals.

We’ll dig deeper into the lessons and discuss your action steps and key takeaways.

Calls are limited to 30 people in each time slot to ensure everyone gets attention.

Live office hours

The live office hour sessions every Tuesday at 3 pm ET provide an opportunity for real-time support. The format is Q&A style and you can submit questions in advance.

You’ll get real-time coaching on challenges you may be facing, like firing people on your team, speaking up and articulating your unique viewpoint, or dealing with people who have different, more dominant, personalities than you.

Private member community

The private community hosted securely on Circle is your safe space to share action steps, wins, goals, and insight. 

Build a brain trust of like-minded peers you can rely on for problem-solving and advice. There’s incredible value in the shared experience, and the accountability will keep you motivated, comforted, and understood.

Proprietary strive diagnostic

You’ll get access to our proprietary STRIVE Diagnostic to identify your unique opportunities for growth, prioritize your energy, and craft a personalized path toward transformation.

We’ll revisit your diagnostic throughout the program so you can assess, recalibrate, and ensure you’re making progress. This will give you objective data that will help you stay on track, instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Comprehensive workbook

You’ll receive a comprehensive workbook that will serve as your course companion. We’ll ship a hard copy straight to your door if you prefer to put pen to paper.

This workbook will help you document your takeaways and journal your way through the program. Plus, it’s an efficient way of keeping all your tools and notes from the program integrated and organized so you can come back to it long after the program is over.

Bonus: Coaching Tools Library

My celebrated coaching tools library is a treasure trove of dozens of scripts, worksheets, and templates to help set goals, communicate with strength, overcome imposter syndrome and more.

Bonus: Interviews with Melody & guest experts

Get access to a library of past Q&As with me as well as never-before-released talks and mini-trainings. Covering topics like thriving as a highly sensitive person in the workplace, overcoming fears of speaking up, and more. 

Bonus: Curated reading & listening list

Complement the content in RESILIENT and extend your insights even further with a list of career and leadership books and podcasts. I’ve done the work of curating best-in-class content that I recommend most often to my private coaching clients.

Bonus: Private podcast feed & transcripts

I know you’re busy and would like the option of taking your RESILIENT learning on the go. That’s why I’ve added a private podcast feed as well as transcripts of all the lessons inside the program. That way, you can continue discovering the curriculum while cooking, traveling, and more.

Ditch the people-pleasing and overthinking to make a positive lasting impact on the world

Find the strength to push back on colleagues and prioritize your own needs

Develop the confidence to speak up and advocate for yourself at work

Stop overthinking more quickly because of the tools and strategies inside RESILIENT...

Enrollment opens December 5th. Early bird rate $2,500. Sign up to be notified when spots are available.

Exactly what you need to become resilient

Program orientation:

My number one priority is to help you achieve results. So before you even dive into the core content of RESILIENT, I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to get the most out of the course and how to set yourself up for success.

You’ll also discover how to:

Pillar 1: Foundations for resilience

Discover skills you’ll build on in the rest of the program. You’ll gain control over unhelpful thoughts affecting your confidence and causing you to overwork and overthink. You’ll also learn techniques to manage your emotions more effectively to build emotional strength. Rediscover what it’s like to feel energized and focused instead of overwhelmed and daunted at work.

Module 1: You & your thoughts

Module 2: You & your emotions

Module 3: You & your energy

Pillar 2: Cultivating confidence

In Pillar 2, shift your self-talk to be constructive and empowering so you break free from self-doubt, stop undermining your expertise and capabilities, and regain confidence in your value. Trust your judgment, make better, faster decisions, and set boundaries for better work-life balance.

Module 1: Navigating imposter syndrome

Module 2: Trusting your judgment

Module 3: Setting boundaries & saying no

Pillar 3: Self & team leadership

This Pillar is all about using your sensitivity to support your ambitions – be it as you step up as a leader, increase your influence in the workplace, or otherwise advance your career. Discover how to stop taking feedback so personally, be assertive without fear, and build a presence that gets others to respect you. 

Module 1: Communicating effectively

Module 2: Speaking up & being seen

Module 3: Stepping into your power

Registration re-opens January 9th. Program starts January 18th. Only 10 spots left! Enrollment is $2,800 if paid in full.


These 3 pillars will help you build confidence at work, achieve inner peace, and navigate uncertainty without fear - just like you deserve.

Setting you on the path to:

Just like so many of our alumni have before you!

And that’s not all, because…

Here's What Else You'll Discover Inside RESILIENT…

4 Strategies to Help You Halt Overthinking and Build Resilience

(All explained in Pillar 1, Module 1)…

How to Control Your Emotions in the Moment at Work

(Revealed in Pillar 1, Module 2)…

4 Ways to Liberate Yourself from Toxic People

(Revealed in Pillar 1, Module 3)...

6 Tips For Great Sleep (No Matter How Stressed Out You Are)

(See Pillar 1, Module 3)…

Stressed? Try This 1 Minute Self-Care Practice To Regain Control

(Broken down in Pillar 1, Module 3)…

4 Things You Should Never Apologize for at Work

(Outlined in Pillar 1, Module 3)…

Train Your Brain to Be More Positive

(Explained in Pillar 2, Module 1)…

5 Confidence Building Myths That You Should Ignore

(Revealed in Pillar 2, Module 1)…

6 Ways to Make a Difficult Career Decision

(See Pillar 2, Module 2)…

How Scheduling Time to Worry Can Actually Benefit You

(Watch Pillar 2, Module 2)…

How to Say No at Work Without Feeling Guilty

(Discover it in Pillar 2, Module 3)…

3 Assertive Communication Techniques to Earn the Respect You Deserve

(Outlined in Pillar 2, Module 3)...

4 Times You Should Say No to Additional Responsibilities at Work

(See Pillar 2, Module 3)…

7 Ways to Disconnect from Work and Enjoy Your Downtime (Without Feeling Guilty)

(Illustrated in Pillar 2, Module 3)…

How to Appear More Confident and Project Executive Presence in Virtual Meeting

(All explained in Pillar 3, Module 1)…

3 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Conflict When Giving Feedback

(Revealed in Pillar 3, Module 1)…

3 Techniques to Boost Your Confidence After Receiving Criticism

(Revealed in Pillar 3, Module 1)...

How to Speak Confidently in Meetings (Even When You’re Anxious)

(See Pillar 3, Module 2)…

How to Respond When A Co-Worker Takes Credit for Your Work

(Explained in Pillar 3, Module 2)…

6 Steps to Take When Dealing With an Unsupportive Boss

(Broken down in Pillar 3, Module 3)…

The Ultimate Guide to Delegating Effectively (While Maintaining Control)

(Outlined in Pillar 3, Module 3)

Alumni Stories

Meet Your RESILIENT Coaches…


As you go through RESILIENT, you’ll receive instruction and coaching from me – an executive coach, human behavior professor, licensed social worker, and author of TRUST YOURSELF. Named as one of Business Insider’s Most Innovative Coaches for my work on Sensitive Strivers, I’ve been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and contribute to Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Psychology Today, and Forbes.

My private coaching clients who I’ve supported for more than a decade pay over $10,000 to work with me one-on-one. But in RESILIENT, you’ll get many of the same methods I use for a fraction of the price.


You’ll also receive support and guidance from my executive co-coach, Wendy Cary. Wendy empowers our members to reach new heights of success and resilience. Her unique perspective and deep understanding of the program’s principles stem from her own journey as a Sensitive Striver and RESILIENT alumni, making her a relatable and inspiring coach.

As an Associate Certified Coach, Wendy brings a unique blend of leadership expertise and a passion for helping individuals break free from burnout and achieve balance.

Here’s what your live weekly coaching calls,
high-level community & curriculum inside RESILIENT looks like

Enrollment opens December 5th. Early bird rate $2,500.
Sign up to be notified when spots are available.

Who is RESILIENT for?

If you’re mid- to senior-level in your career. This program is best suited for those who are at least 10-15 years into their careers. Most RESILIENT members are Managers, Senior Managers, Directors, or Vice Presidents. We also have seasoned individual contributors. 

If you feel like an imposter. You’re always feeling like at any moment you’re going to be “found out” as not being deserving of your role, salary, or accomplishments. Even though your track record says otherwise, you dismiss it or put your good work down to luck.

If you’re a people pleaser and have trouble setting boundaries. You’re kind, compassionate, and committed to others (your team, clients, etc) – but often to a fault. This is the exact place you need to be.

If you find it difficult to speak up and articulate your viewpoints. You find it hard dealing with people who have different, more dominant personalities than you. You’re not alone. It’s a common struggle Sensitive Strivers face and something we tackle inside the program.

If you have a goal you’re striving towards. That can be a tangible opportunity, such as a promotion, new job, or high-profile project. Or it can be internal advancement, such as better work-life balance, increased assertiveness, or managing Imposter Syndrome.

If you believe in your own potential. You appreciate the positives in any situation and also see the opportunity behind any challenge. Possibility inspires you. Hopefulness drives you. You are relentlessly open to improvement and take a constructive lens toward everything you do. 

If you’re willing to make yourself a priority. You must commit time to actively complete the materials and implement what you’re learning. You’re ready for real change and willing to put in the work.

If you love to serve and nurture others. You’re excited to offer ideas and perspectives to fellow members of the community. Past participants say they not only treasure the relationships built through RESILIENT but also value being able to help others in the program.

If you’ve done some kind of leadership training before or read self-development books. Some of the tools you’ve tried have helped a little bit but not enough. You feel like you’ve failed or are broken in some way.

Who RESILIENT is not for?

If you’re completely unclear on your professional direction and looking for job search tactics. RESILIENT is not a good fit if you have no idea what you want to do with your life (please see FAQs for more on this).

If you’re looking for personalized coaching. While RESILIENT includes lots of opportunities to interact and get feedback and coaching from me and my team, this is a group experience, and a big part of its value is in the community. This program DOES NOT include 1:1 coaching time. 

If you’re too busy or not committed. I recommend setting aside at least 2 hours per week for your participation in this program. Like anything, you get out of this program what you put into it.

If you’re not willing to get uncomfortable. This program will challenge you to reframe your thoughts and change your actions. It requires courage and strength to put yourself out there, try new things, and put in the inner work to achieve results.

If you have trouble following through. RESILIENT is designed for action-takers. This program is not a good fit if you have major challenges with procrastination. Our most successful members are disciplined, organized, and proactive.

If you’re not willing to be generous and vulnerable. Inside RESILIENT, each member can learn from their own experiences and those of other members as well. That’s important for the shifts and results that come with this program. 

If you’re in a junior role or at an earlier stage in your career. Members of this program are at least 10 years into their chosen profession. They typically face more complex challenges like managing people, decision-making, and executive communication.

If you’re judgemental or uncollaborative. I care about the safety and well-being of all my members. When they’re being vulnerable during the weekly coaching calls, or sharing their experience inside our private community, I expect all members to be supportive, understanding, and create a safe space.

If you’re unable to keep sensitive information confidential. Because some of the members are in high-profile roles, all RESILIENT members agree to a confidentiality clause upon signing up to protect their privacy. There is a zero-tolerance policy for violations.


Custom curriculum

You’ll be guided on a 90-day journey to apply strategies that help channel your sensitivity and ambition for success.

Live office hours

The live office hour sessions every other week on Tuesdays at 3 pm ET provide an opportunity for real-time coaching on challenges you're facing.

Proprietary strive diagnostic

You’ll get access to my proprietary STRIVE Diagnostic to identify your unique opportunities for growth, prioritize your energy, and craft a personalized path toward transformation.

Coaching tools Library

Implement what you’re learning with dozens of actionable worksheets, templates, exercises, and scripts.

Bonus: Curated reading & listening list

Extend your insights even further with a list of career and leadership books and podcasts.

Weekly group coaching calls

These 90-minute calls on Thursdays at 3 pm are your opportunity to take action and find accountability to reach your goals.

Private member community

The private community hosted on Circle is your safe space to share action steps, goals, and insight.

Comprehensive workbook

Your custom workbook will help you apply the theory you’re discovering and practically put it into action.

Bonus: interviews with Melody & guest experts

Get access to a library of past Q&As with me as well as never-before-released talks and mini-trainings.

Bonus: Private podcast feed & transcripts

I’ve added a private podcast feed and transcripts of all the lessons inside the program so that you can continue your RESILIENT while cooking, traveling, and more.

Registration re-opens January 9th. Program starts January 18th. Only 10 spots left! Enrollment is $2,800 if paid in full.

Join RESILIENT for free
when you send this email to your boss…

That’s right. You can enroll in the program without paying a dime of your own money. Instead, your employer can sponsor the cost on your behalf.

You see, most companies have professional development funds for employees that cover programs like RESILIENT.

Because an investment in YOU means positive ROI for their business, and shows you’re motivated and committed to enhancing your performance.

Click below to use the word-by-word script to make your request and share the comprehensive guide with your boss.

If your employer needs any other documentation, like an invoice or detailed receipt, I can provide that on request.

What’s the cost of not joining RESILIENT?

Maybe you’re hesitant to join because:

  • You feel guilty spending money on yourself
  • You’re going through a hectic period at work
  • You worry you’ll be back where you are three months from today with nothing to show for it

Our alumni say RESILIENT more than pays for itself.
Like Luke, who said:

Are you leaving millions of dollars on the table?

It’s up to you, but consider the risks…

  • Losing hours going down negative thought spirals after a setback at work
  • Not being able to “turn off” from work worries at the end of each day
  • Damaging your confidence as a result of constantly criticizing yourself
  • Missing out on opportunities because of imposter syndrome
  • Losing out on a salary increase (and that financial loss compounds!)

That last point is a BIG one.

A survey from Carnegie Mellon University estimates that people who don’t negotiate for a higher income can lose over a million dollars during their career.

This happens to so many Sensitive Strivers. Because you tend to struggle with:

  • Tackling difficult conversations and speaking up for yourself
  • Feeling “worthless” or that you don’t contribute any value
  • Fear that you’re an imposter by even trying to get promoted

If you’ve been downplaying your talents, skillset, and contribution your whole life…

Do you want to continue missing out and allowing financial loss to compound?

Inside RESILIENT, you’ll be equipped with tools, techniques, and guidance that will not only strengthen your confidence, ability to advocate for yourself, and speak up…

But you’ll also realize how deserving you truly are of earning more.

Imagine if what you thought was holding you back became your biggest strength?

Research shows that managers consistently rate sensitive contributors as their top performers.

That’s because sensitivity, combined with a strong desire to be the best version of yourself, can make you a powerhouse performer.

And as a Sensitive Striver, you have a whole host of superpowers you’ve likely not claimed yet. Like:

  • Your highly intuitive nature that foresees mishaps before they happen 
  • Your ability to think outside the box and innovate where others follow the status quo
  • Your unparalleled skill at absorbing information and synthesizing it in ways others can’t

Just imagine the impact you could make on your team by becoming a great leader and setting a great example…

Imagine inspiring your children, grandchildren, or friends and family to become their best selves, by showing them change is possible…

And imagine the good you could do in the world by leaning into your sensitivities, rather than hiding them away and letting less empathetic personalities dominate.

I know that as a Sensitive Striver, you want to make a positive lasting impact on this world.

You want to leave it better than how you found it.

So, if you feel even the slightest nudge to do that…

Then I’d love the opportunity to speak with you one-on-one.

This isn’t a call for me to sell you into the program. No pitch. No pressure.

Instead, it’s a chance for us to have an honest discussion about whether RESILIENT is the right investment for you.

Trust the nudge and book a 1:1 call with me before spots are gone…

I hope you make the decision that’s best for you.

Enrollment opens December 5th. Early bird rate $2,500.
Sign up to be notified when spots are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you complete your enrollment in RESILIENT, you’ll get immediate access to the classroom. You’ll receive access to the community the week of August 18th. The program begins September 12th. 

RESILIENT begins September 12, 2024, and ends December 12, 2024. Group coaching calls are weekly on Thursdays at 3 pm ET. Live Office Hours are weekly on Tuesdays at 3 pm ET. You’ll receive a calendar event link for all calls.

Between our weekly group calls, going through the lessons, and reserving time to engage in the private community, I recommend investing around 3 hours per week in your participation in RESILIENT. As with most things though, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. You will only get results if you are willing to be proactive, utilize the resources, and actually apply what you’re learning.

I also invite you to think of the tools in this program as something that can save you a lot of time in the future – time you currently spend overthinking, beating yourself up, and pursuing projects that aren’t aligned with your goals and strengths.

Melody’s book, TRUST YOURSELF, and RESILIENT are great companions to one another, but they are distinct.

RESILIENT goes into much more depth and covers additional topics Melody didn’t have space to add to the book. 

RESILIENT encompasses Melody’s entire body of work around the best tools, strategies, and teachings about Sensitive Strivers and overcoming challenges they face like overthinking, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and more. It is significantly more comprehensive than her stand-alone workshops or courses. 

With RESILIENT, you get the biggest return on investment through more content and tools and accountability, and support. You have more structure and accountability, which, of course, isn’t available with a book (where you’re left to implement everything on your own). You’ll make progress faster because you’re not doing this alone.

We’ve had many students have success getting their companies to pay for the program. After all, investing in you is an investment in their future success.

I know asking your employer can be nerve-wracking so I’ve created a sample letter you can send your manager to request sponsorship, which you can download by clicking here.

You can also find a comprehensive packet here with details about the program to share with your employer. This packet explains the benefits to your company.

If you have further questions or need a detailed receipt or invoice, email my team at hello@melodywilding.com

Participating in the program with a group of team members or colleagues greatly maximizes the learning and application of RESILIENT. Through the program, Sensitive Strivers build a common language and provide each other with both support and a sense of accountability that can extend into their everyday work interactions.

You can read more about the benefits of RESILIENT to your organization here, including increased performance, retention, and a high-potential talent pipeline.

To register 1 to 50 employees, please email hello@melodywilding.com with the names and emails of participants. We will invoice you for the total fee and then bulk-enroll your participants into the program.

High volume discounts are available:

  • 50-100 employees – 15% off
  • 100-200 employees – 25% off
  • 200+ employees – 40% off

You can also add on a single or series of live Q&As or facilitated discussion calls with Melody, customized to your needs. Please email hello@melodywilding.com for more information.

I take privacy very seriously. All RESILIENT members agree to a confidentiality clause upon signing up. There is a zero-tolerance policy for violations.

RESILIENT is best suited for established leaders and professionals who want to advance in their careers. That could mean growing within your current role or moving to a new one (within your company or somewhere else).

RESILIENT is right for you if a lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, or fear of failure is holding you back from stepping into new opportunities. Many of our members enter the program feeling stuck, unbalanced, and held back from pursuing new opportunities because of fear. As a result of the confidence and skills they gained through RESILIENT, some members end up changing roles or companies because they finally have the courage and conviction to be more assertive, value their abilities, and believe in their potential.

Here are two testimonials from members of the last round who are changing roles as a result of the program:

RESILIENT has honestly been life-changing. I came into the program feeling so defeated. I knew I should have more confidence in my role but just couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get there and why I had always felt that way. I downplayed my strengths and only saw the negative, which became obvious to my boss.  I am graduating from the program knowing that I have the inner strength and amazing tools to get me there. I am getting ready to start my next journey in life and so excited about it! – K.M., District Leader

This program was an ‘expansion’ and ‘blossoming’ for me. I have uncovered so much about myself and have the tools to thrive. I came in with imposter syndrome and lack of confidence. I’m leaving with an inner knowing, appreciation, and trust in myself. I’ve become a lot happier, calmer, and proud that I’m a sensitive striver. I’ve started to set more boundaries and care less as to how I am perceived by others. I also now have tips to develop a powerful presence, which always felt out of reach. It was a game changer to get the heart of my frustrations at work and why I was feeling stuck. No other program has understood me so well or made me feel so understood. This is just the start of me 2.0!  – N.M, Student Communications Officer

Please keep in mind that we do not discuss job search strategies in this program. Review the curriculum carefully.

This program is NOT a great fit for those who need support figuring out what to do with their lives or those who want help with the tactical side of job searching such as resume, interviewing prep, etc.

If you’re already clear on the next step you want to take and just need the confidence to get there and the tools to be successful in your role, then RESILIENT can help.

If you have a question about your particular situation, please reach out to hello@melodywilding.com.

When you join this program, my team and I commit time and bandwidth to be available to serve you. That affects how many other Sensitive Strivers can join the program. For that reason, there are no refunds.

If you have questions about whether the program is right for you, please book a call here or email us at hello@melodywilding.com.

Take advantage of your free one-to-one call with me, where you can ask me any questions you have about the program. Click here and select a time and date that works for you. Or, you can email us at hello@melodywilding.com.

Registration re-opens January 9th. Program starts January 18th. Only 10 spots left! Enrollment is $2,800 if paid in full.

Your Chance to Save $500 Ends Soon. Don't Miss Out!