A 3-month coaching program for Sensitive Strivers

Regain your confidence, master your emotions, and reach your full potential at work

From the outside, it like you have it all.

A great job at a company, an upward career trajectory, a steady stream of accomplishments. 

But on the inside… it feels like havoc.

Nevertheless, you push through each day...

… hoping that working harder and accomplishing more will somehow make these insecurities go away.

And when that doesn’t work, you try to breathe deeper. To “grow a thicker skin” or “think more positively,” but that doesn’t fare much better.

You’ve probably read countless personal growth and leadership books, tried to bubble bath your stress away, and may even have spent thousands of dollars on a therapist.

And yes, some of these things might have helped temporarily. But the truth is…

Self-doubt, stress, overthinking, Imposter Syndrome, burnout… All of that very much continues to lurk in your professional life.

Work feels like an battle against your emotions

Like you’re on a hamster wheel, always trying to just make it through the next meeting or project. 

And what’s worse? You’re unable to disconnect from work at the end of the day. The tension and anxiety haunt you after hours. You may find yourself getting annoyed with your loved ones, continually restless, and reaching for unhealthy foods to curb your feelings.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Hi, I’m Melody, the Executive Coach for Sensitive Strivers.

I’ve helped hundreds of sensitive leaders at the world’s most successful Fortune 500 companies get out of their own way by mastering their emotions and channeling their sensitivities and ambitions in productive and healthy ways.

Recently named one of Business Insider’s “Most Innovative Coaches,” clients say my approach is unlike anything they’ve tried before.


My work is informed by ten years of experience serving smart, thoughtful high-performers like yourself, as well as my unique background. 

I’m a licensed social worker with a Master’s degree from Columbia University, a graduate professor of Human Behavior at Hunter College in NYC, and a former researcher at Rutgers University, where I worked with the world’s leading psychologists.

I’m also the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work (to be published in May 2021) based on my research and extensive experience serving Sensitive Strivers.

“Equal parts strategist, advisor & sherpa”

Here’s what past clients have to say about my approach and working with me:

You see, you’ve been trying to overcome your sensitivity...

… while what you actually need is to learn to use it as a catalyst for your success.

Imagine if what you thought was holding you back could become your biggest strength? 

Research shows that managers consistently rate sensitive contributors as their top performers.

That’s because sensitivity, combined with a strong desire to be the best version of yourself, can make you a powerhouse performer. And as a Sensitive Striver, you’ve got both of these qualities.

You are a high-achiever who’s also deeply attuned to your emotions, the world, and the behavior of those around you.

What you’re missing is the ability to understand, manage, and harness the power of these abilities so you can enjoy success without the inner upheaval you’re experiencing right now.

That’s why you need:

Support in an environment where your personality and how it plays out in the workplace is seen and deeply understood.

Direct guidance from an expert who can equip you with practical strategies to manage your feelings and channel them for success at work.

Momentum and accountability as you do the inner work to get out of your own way, regain your confidence, and rise to your full potential.

And the good news? I have just the thing


A 3-month coaching program to help Sensitive Strivers use their sensitivity to support their professional ambitions.

Imagine how much farther you could go without Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, burnout, and self-doubt holding you back? 

Imagine how much more fulfilled, productive, and effective you could be if you got out of your own way?

RESILIENT is a group coaching experience to help you do

Inside, you’ll get customized coaching, and proven strategies to trust yourself and use your sensitivity to fuel your success instead of self-sabotaging thoughts.

past clients at:

RESILIENT will give you skills and strategies to:

Emerge from the next 90 days as a more self.

take life-changing steps in your career while enjoying the calm and inner peace you crave.

RESILIENT is transformational. I keep telling my family that this is the best investment I could have possibly made in my life. I've gained confidence, found community, and have new tools to keep me from falling into an emotional spiral.

A.M., CG artist and educator

I have a calm, confident presence and am centered and happy. I let go of criticism I received from my boss that triggered a severe burnout. This program is the reason I know myself.

W.C., Senior Software Developer

I’m a completely different person. I learned to hear and trust my own voice. I can silence the inner critic, set boundaries with confidence, and speak up and assert myself (even with difficult people!)I’ve fully embraced the title of leader and I’ve become the type of manager I always aspired to be (and that my team needs).


What you get when you join RESILIENT

Here’s everything you’ll receive during your 3 months as part of this coaching experience:

Expert support and coaching

You’ll get direct support from me – an executive coach and licensed social worker, with a decade’s worth of experience helping Sensitive Strivers like you professionally advance while finding inner peace.

weekly group coaching calls

These 90-minute mastermind calls are tailored to your challenges and focused on actionable strategies. Each session focuses on a specific topic (ex. perfectionism, overcoming criticism, etc). Format is a mix of hot seat coaching (direct laser coaching from me for quick solutions) and facilitated roundtables. The program begins the week of January 18th and our first call is Thursday January 21st. 

Additional weekly live OFFICE HOUR sessions

The live office hour sessions provide an additional accountability checkpoint and yet another opportunity for you to get coaching, answers, and feedback. You’ll be supported in multiple ways throughout the program so you can blast through obstacles during your experience.

Proprietary assessment and training

You’ll get access to my proprietary STRIVE training and assessment to help you understand your Sensitive Striver qualities and spot your unique opportunities for growth. We’ll repeat this once a month to follow your progress towards channeling your emotions for success at work.

Lifetime access to the member portal

In your member portal, you’ll find all the program materials, worksheets, group call recordings, and other bonuses. You have lifetime access to your portal, so you can revisit and refresh yourself on the things we work on whenever you need it. 

Weekly goal-setting and feedback

Each week, I’ll ask you to commit to one goal or area of focus. On Mondays, I’ll invite you to share your commitment with us, and on Fridays, you’ll report back on your experience for feedback and encouragement from me and the group. That’s how we create momentum and keep you inspired to make progress.

Plus bonus resources to support your growth

Optional Accountability Partner

According to The American Society of Training and Development, having an accountability partner increases your chance of success by 95%. That’s why you’ll have the option to be paired with another member of the program for check-ins, extra support, and boosted success.

Supplemental Trainings

Every round of RESILIENT is informed by your unique goals and challenges. Throughout the program, I’ll pay close attention to what arises for the group and provide bonus supplemental trainings in response to your needs.

Private Facebook Community

In between calls, this is where I’ll be coaching you. But more than that, this is where you’ll connect with a network of Sensitive Strivers for motivation, learning, and friendship. You’ll grow with every member’s experiences, questions, and successes. And you’ll get better results because you’re not doing this alone.

what you need to become RESILIENT

The coaching you’ll receive inside RESILIENT is entirely tailored to the Sensitive Striver ready to break free from emotional overwhelm at work, regain their confidence, and get out of their own way.

Each month, we’ll focus on one of the pillars of success for Sensitive Strivers:

Month 1

Confidence and Imposter Syndrome

Shift your self-talk to be constructive and empowering so you break free from negative thinking spirals, stop undermining your expertise and capabilities, and regain confidence in your value.

Month 2

Habits and Balance

Rediscover what it’s like to feel energized and focused instead of overwhelmed and daunted at work. We’ll address overthinking and people-pleasing tendencies, boundaries, and regaining your work-life balance.

Month 3

Self and Team Leadership

This is about using your sensitivity to support your ambitions – be it as you step up as a leader, increase your influence in the workplace, or proactively initiate personally-meaningful goals and projects.

Within these pillars, the focus of each week will be defined by the group in advance and reflected in our group call, live Q&A, discussions in the private Facebook community, and bonus resources. 

This means that at all stages of the program, we’re working on what’s most impactful to you and currently getting in the way of your professional and personal growth.

What makes RESILIENT special


I’ll be your facilitator and coach. With over a decade of experience as an executive coach and social worker, I've helped Sensitive Strivers at companies like Google, Netflix, Facebook, and more get out of their own way so they can reach their full potential.


RESILIENT isn’t a cookie-cutter video course you passively watch. Instead, as a group, we’ll co-create this experience so that every coaching call focuses on what’s currently relevant for you and gives you the support, strategies, and insights you need to continue moving forward.

High-level, curated community

The other members of RESILIENT, fellow Sensitive Strivers, will be your brain trust. They'll cheer you on, offer new perspectives and wisdom, and most of all, help you find a sense of grounding and belonging. This is something you truly can’t get anywhere else.

small, intimate setting

RESILIENT is limited to 20 members to make sure you get personalized attention and coaching from me. I want to get to know you, your challenges, and your goals so I can give you the exact support you need to flourish.


As you probably suspect, traditional career and leadership advice won’t do the trick for Sensitive Strivers. Instead, you need a support container that acknowledges your unique sensitivities and challenges as a Sensitive Striver – and that’s exactly what RESILIENT offers.

Hear RESILIENT success stories:

This program was a springboard for me. I found my voice and now know how to set boundaries. I improved communication in my family business and built my confidence in participating effectively in board meetings. Melody is a rare find with her smarts, empathy and excellent communication. Honing in on being a Sensitive Striver is a godsend!

C.A., Senior executive assistant

I don’t spend nearly as much time worrying about what people think of me at work. I am believing in my abilities more than I ever have. I can take a step back to look at a situation before over-thinking it. I cannot thank Melody enough for this program. It's instilled a self-worth in my professional life I haven’t had in a long time.

B.H., Senior Manager

I found my voice and now trust myself. I learned that my sensitivities are a strength. Do it! Don’t question if it’s for you. Just sign up!

T.S., Client services administrator

It's time to channel your emotions for

Ready to break free from your fears to become the confident, high-performing Sensitive Striver you know you’re capable of being? 
Then I invite you to join us inside RESILIENT.

Enrollment opens soon. Sign up below to be notified.


Save by paying in full

RESILIENT is for you if…

You’re a top-performer or leader at your organization. Previous members were at least 7-10 years into their careers and included Sensitive Strivers at all levels – managers, directors, and individual contributors – spanning industries like technology, fashion, education, and law. RESILIENT is a great fit if you’re in a corporate or traditional workplace environment. 

You have a goal you’re striving towards in your career. That can be a tangible opportunity, such as a promotion, project, or specific workplace situation, or an internal advancement objective such as better work-life balance, increased assertiveness, or managing Imposter Syndrome.

You’re willing to make yourself a priority. You’ll commit time to actively participate in this program, show up to our calls, and contribute in the private community. You’re ready for real change and willing to put in the work to see it through.

Now - RESILIENT is a great fit for you if...

You’re navigating a career change or job search. To keep the group and takeaways focused, RESILIENT is meant for those who want to find growth and emotional stability in their current career path. 

You’re looking for extensive one-on-one coaching. While RESILIENT includes lots of opportunities to interact and get feedback and coaching from me, this is an experience curated for a group, and a big part of its value is in the community.

You’re not willing to be generous and vulnerable. Inside RESILIENT, each member learns from their own experiences and the experiences of other members as well. That’s key for the shifts and results that come with this program.

This is your turning point.

The world is changing quickly. And as a result of that, so is the way we work.

Now more than ever, companies are turning to thoughtful, empathetic top-performers like you to be the light that guides them through change.

But at the same time, as a Sensitive Striver, uncertainty may be amplifying your insecurities and putting you face-to-face with unprecedented stress. 

This new reality is highlighting what, deep down, you

That what go you here, won’t get you there.
That carrying on with your old habits isn’t sustainable.
That the next level of your career awaits if only you can get out of your own way.

You know that something has to change. Your team, your family, your organization… They’re all counting on you. And more than that, you deserve to count on yourself as well

You see, success isn’t supposed to come at the expense of your inner peace...

Success on your inner peace.

On your confidence, your resilience, your ability to harness the power of your unique qualities in healthy, empowered ways. 

My most successful clients – the ones launching exciting initiatives, landing promotions and bonuses, stepping into senior leadership – are also the ones doubling down on their relationship with themselves during this period of upheaval.

They’re not willing to look back a year from now and find themselves still “rolling with the punches”, stuck with the same self-sabotaging patterns making them miserable in their careers. No.

Instead, they’re getting the support and guidance they need to level up, and equipping themselves with proven, actionable strategies to master their emotions.

You have the chance to do the same today, when you join me inside RESILIENT.

Frequently asked questions

As soon as you complete your enrollment in RESILIENT, you’ll get immediate access to the member portal.

Inside, you’ll find information on how to access our private Facebook group as well as guides walking you through how to get started and set yourself up for success over the next 3 months.

Between our weekly group coaching calls and reserving time to engage in the private community, I recommend investing at least 2 hours per week in your participation in RESILIENT.

As with most things though, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it. I also invite you to think of this as something that will save you a lot of time in the future – time you currently spend overthinking, going down negative thinking spirals, and pursuing projects that aren’t aligned with your goals and strengths.

RESILIENT is a better fit for those who want to rise in their current career path. The skills you’ll develop will help you navigate high-stakes conversations, opportunities to step into leadership, big launches and projects, and promotions and raises.

To keep the group focused and impactful, we won’t be discussing career pivots or job search topics.

If you’re a small business owner leading a team, RESILIENT is a good fit for you. RESILIENT is not a good fit for freelancers or one-person businesses as we’re largely focused on professional development and workplace challenges.

Absolutely! In fact, I’m an introvert myself, which is why I bring special attention to how I facilitate RESILIENT.

One of our past introverted members said: “I like how you keep us engaged and thinking through the week so it isn’t just something to tune in to once a week but something we can really live.”

Beyond that, RESILIENT is all about transformation and collective momentum. This is a space for the nurturing conversations that we introverts love to have – and all between a group of people who deeply understand you, as we’re all Sensitive Strivers inside.

Absolutely. I’ll be your facilitator and coach throughout the whole program.

You’ll have access to me in our coaching calls, office hours, as well as inside the private Facebook community, where I’m present on a daily basis coaching you, guiding you, and sharing feedback and encouragement.

In between sessions, we’ll connect inside our private Facebook community. That’s your space to start or take part in conversations related to the topics we’re working on.

I’ll be present in the community throughout the week coaching you through these conversations, starting daily themed topics to keep you engaged and accountable, and hosting weekly office hours sessions.

You also have the option to sign up for an accountability partner for the duration of the program. 

Our private community is hosted on Facebook, so if you don’t have a Facebook account or are not willing to create one, you won’t get the most out of RESILIENT. The community is an integral part of the experience, as it’s where you’ll receive coaching from me in between sessions and experience connection and accountability with the rest of the group members.

It is not, but it’s highly encouraged and previous members of RESILIENT have found the accountability and support from their partners an invaluable part of the program.

RESILIENT is a great addition to therapy. Coaching and therapy serve different purposes but are highly complementary. In fact, if resources allow, I often recommend doing both at the same time.

I’ve worked as both a coach and a therapist, and know the strengths and weaknesses of each discipline. Email me at hello@melodywilding.com for resources on the differences between coaching and therapy.

RESILIENT is a group coaching program and therefore, not covered by insurance. Your employer may pay for or reimburse your enrollment in RESILIENT – email me at hello@melodywilding.com for more information about starting a conversation about this at work.

I’m committed to your success and I want you to get the support you personally need to get there.

If RESILIENT isn’t the program that provides it, let me know within 30 days from joining us. I’ll refund your investment so you can put it towards the resources you need to grow and thrive in the workplace.

Sure, email me at hello@melodywilding.com and I’ll get back to you with an answer within 24 hours.

Impactful! This program increased my confidence and improved my working dynamics to manage stress better. It’s a great mix of community, support, and practical tools. Perfect for highly sensitive professionals who want to be more comfortable and empowered.

M.G., Attorney

Until I participated in RESILIENT, I was not aware of Sensitive Strivers and their characteristics. Now I know I am not alone and better manage my tendencies. RESILIENT is for driven, high achievers who struggle with self-confidence despite externally seeming to have it all together and want to believe in themselves.

D.S., Pharmaceutical Director

Honestly, it was amazing. I now have stronger habits and routines, better self-awareness, and a balanced work/personal schedule. I’ve gained the confidence through group support.

A.M., CG Artist

I feel more secure about my own thought processes. I stood up for myself in difficult situations. I find it easier to be at easy with myself. This program is perfect for Sensitive Strivers who question themselves more than they should.

M.H., Researcher

It's inspiring and motivating to be in an encouraging community trying to make the most of our Sensitive Striver personalities. The tools and support from RESILIENT helped me have a great annual assessment at work, with lots of positive feedback.

N.S. Senior Product Manager

“Transformational" perfectly describes RESILIENT. Before this program, I lived in a world of “shoulds”. I listened to critics more than I listened to myself. I felt imprisoned by other people’s expectations. But now, I’m a completely different person. I learned to hear and trust my own voice. I can silence the inner critic, set boundaries with confidence, and speak up and assert myself (even with difficult people!). I’ve gone from people-pleasing and being reactive to others to instead having a deliberate sense of what I need and discernment around how to get it. As a result, I’m hugely more confident and less insecure. I no longer carry criticisms. I’ve fully embraced the title of leader and I’ve become the type of manager I always aspired to be (and that my team needs). I’ve even picked up creative hobbies and pursued passion projects that my self-doubt previously blocked me from. RESILIENT has been nothing short of life-changing!

M.H. Executive Director

When you learn to channel your emotions for success, you’ll…

Your success tomorrow depends on the choices you make

It’s time to change the trajectory of your future from one of stress and self-sabotage to one of confidence, ease, strength, and calm.

Enrollment opens soon. Sign up below to be notified.

$297 / month

Save by paying in full. 

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