Free Resources

Discover helpful tips and strategies to leverage your sensitivity as a superpower, outsmart imposter syndrome, stop second-guessing yourself, and much more.

Free Resources

Discover helpful tips and strategies to leverage your sensitivity as superpower, outsmart imposter syndrome, stop second-guessing yourself, and much more.

What is a Sensitive Striver?

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I coined the term Sensitive Striver after a decade of research and coaching high-achievers. Despite their unique challenges with imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, and setting boundaries, I noticed a pattern. 

Being highly sensitive and over-achieving led to a lot of their struggles. But, their special traits also helped them achieve success, too. That is, once they knew how to use them to their advantage. 

So, are you a Sensitive Striver? Check out my best resources to help you find out. You’re in exactly the right place.


The Breakroom

A monthly connection circle to discuss navigating the new world of work as a Sensitive Striver.

Join other managers, leaders, experienced individual contributors, and seasoned business owners like you, to discuss how to leverage your sensitivity as a strength in your career to experience greater confidence, calm, and inner peace.


Find Freedom From Imposter Syndrome

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If you’ve ever felt held back by a negative voice in your head that says “you’re no expert” or “why would anyone care what you have to say”, then you might be experiencing Imposter Syndrome. 

It’s a common phenomenon that makes you feel like a fraud despite your accomplishments. 

The good news is, you can overcome it. I’ve listed my best resources to help you silence the inner critic and increase your self-worth.

Free Quiz

Break free from imposter syndrome & Overwhelm

Discover which “growth gap” is causing your self-doubt and learn how to gain consistent confidence as a Sensitive Striver.

Overcome Overthinking

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Do you think too much or too long about, well, everything? You’re not alone.

While Sensitive Strivers are often celebrated for their ability to think of angles and outcomes that others miss, there’s a flip side. This ability to foresee options and alternatives can also lead to being paralyzed by doubt and indecision.

Over the last decade, I’ve discovered a range of actionable techniques that can help switch off your overactive mind and stop worrying about things you can’t control.


Turn your sensitivity into a strength and regain your confidence at work

Get exclusive access to Chapter One of my book, Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work.

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Managing Emotions at Work

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Sensitive Strivers have a tendency to identify too much with their careers. 

While there’s nothing wrong with caring about your work, problems arise when you let it control you. If you become too emotionally invested in your job and professional identity, it can bring you down more than it lifts you up. 

Fortunately, there are many ways you can manage your emotions in the workplace. Here you’ll find my best resources to help you work at your most optimal without overextending yourself or over-identifying with others’ opinions of you.


7 Strategies to Speak Up With Confidence

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Speak Up With Confidence

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Have you ever had a differing opinion because you’re worried you’ll sound stupid? Do you struggle to get your voice heard in the workplace?  

Even if you’ve lived like this your entire life, there is a way to speak up for yourself and set firm boundaries. 

Here are my best resources to support you in communicating confidently without worry or guilt.