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Discover practical strategies to stop overthinking, say no gracefully, and overcome imposter syndrome... today.

LIL Leading as a Sensitive Striver

Leading as a Highly Sensitive Person

Highly sensitive people (HSPs) have unique neural wiring that enables them to process the world around them more deeply. But high sensitivity can pose challenges to leading effectively, such as coping with stress, setting boundaries, and more.

This LinkedIn Learning course provides tools and strategies that highly sensitive leaders can utilize to perform at their best.

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"Incredible! I feel seen and now view sensitivity as a superpower! I highly recommend this to highly sensitive leaders, HR teams, and people leaders who have sensitive direct reports."



"An excellent and very informative course, on subject matter that rarely, if ever, has been addressed in the past. Melody is on the right track for all of us!"

– D.R., Medical Administrator

Managing Burnout

Burnout is the norm for many high-achievers. Long hours and chronic exhaustion are normalized—if not celebrated—in many workplaces. A lack of boundaries between work and life can cause workers who previously felt fulfilled to feel resentful and unhappy.

It doesn’t have to be this way. And my LinkedIn Learning course, Managing Burnout, can help.

In this course, you’ll discover how to…

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"This is an excellent overview of what burnout is and tools to help with managing. I recommend this to all who are or don't know they experiencing burnout."

– B.H., Human Resources Assistant

Managing Your Emotional Response to Workplace Stress

We spend approximately 70 percent of our lives at work. It’s no wonder, then, why our careers are a defining aspect of our identities. The risk is in becoming too emotionally invested in your work. 

That’s why in this Linkedin Learning course, Managing Your Emotional Response to Workplace Stress, you’ll gain: 

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"Very well thought-out and relevant for those in a mindset of work work work"

– C.N., Clinical Information Specialist

Overcome Overthinking

Overthinking every little detail and decision can become draining – fast. From sleepless nights due to racing thoughts or self-deprecating talk that affects your mood.

It is possible to find freedom from the cycle of second-guessing and overanalyzing that plagues you. That’s where my new LinkedIn Learning course, Overcome Overthinking, comes in. 

With over 1,500 five-star reviews, this course give you proven techniques that will rewire your brain and help you…

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"It's as if this course was written just for me! This is a fantastic course on how to overcome overthinking, which I do everyday, at work and at home. I feel that this course has provided me the tools to help me control and redirect my overthinking process!"

– K.H., Document Control Coordinator


"An excellent course that immediately boosted my understanding and confidence. Melody's relaxed and easy to follow presentation included many examples of real-world situations and she provided solid actionable advice. I will definitely be reviewing this course periodically."

– C.D, Web Developer

Learning to Say No with Confidence and Grace

Ever worry that saying “no” will cause colleagues to resent and dislike you? You’re not alone. Many Sensitive Strivers face this dilemma. Because when you’re a high-achiever, you don’t want to look like a failure or let anyone down.

But after ten years coaching high-performers, I can tell you that saying no is one of the most important skills you can develop. In my LinkedIn Learning course, Learning To Say No With Confidence And Grace, you’ll discover how to: 

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"Melody is a wonderful instructor and guide, exploring how one can approach challenging situations while remaining grounded and in integrity. I love her work!"

– S.C., Vice President of Client Services

Influence Skills

Work is becoming increasingly complex. The higher you rise, the higher the stakes. And the more crucial leadership influence is to your success. But that doesn’t mean resorting to manipulation.

You can build relationships, respect, and recognition to get things done – all while being authentic – and this course will show you how:


"I found the course incredibly inspiring and informative, and it provided me with valuable insights into improving my leadership and managerial skills."

– A.K., Cybersecurity engineer

Career Decisions

Should you accept that promotion? Maybe you should quit your job? Or change industries altogether? During pivotal moments in your career, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, stuck, or scared.

Fear not, because in this powerful LinkedIn Learning course, I give you concrete techniques and tips to turn dread-inducing moments into windows of opportunity, including how to:

This course is free with a subscription to LinkedIn Premium. 


"From her spectacular Trust Yourself book to this course, Melody cuts through the noise with clear, compelling research, relatable examples, and actionable insights."

– E.S., Senior communications specialist

Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome

Sensitive Strivers struggle with feelings of imposter syndrome – feeling like a fake or fraud at work – more than most.

Why? Because research shows that sensitive people are more highly attuned to their own thoughts and feelings as well as the reactions of others.

But there is a way out. Six ways, in fact. The Find Freedom From Imposter Syndrome course outlines six research-backed strategies that will help you…


"I now have tools that increased my happiness, calm, and mastery of situations"

This course helped me successfully shift my mindset several times a day. Instead of going into my pre-programmed negative spiral of “I am wrong” or “I am not enough,” I now have tools that have increased my happiness, sense of calm, and mastery of situations, instead of allowing past patterns to take over.

– L.K., Course Participant