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As a speaker and sought-after expert, I help smart, sensitive high-achievers worldwide reach their full potential.

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As a speaker, writer, and featured expert, I help smart, sensitive high-achievers worldwide reach their full potential.


My work has been featured in The New York Times, The Oprah Magazine, NBC News, and dozens of other high-profile publications. 

Recently named one of Business Insider’s “Most Innovative Coaches,” my client list includes hundreds of CEOs, executives, and top-performers at the world’s most successful companies, including Google, Facebook, IBM, Netflix, and more.

I’m a licensed social worker with a Masters degree from Columbia University, and a former researcher at Rutgers University. I currently teach Human Behavior at Hunter College and am a contributor to magazines such as Forbes and Business Insider.

My first book, Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions into Success at Work, will be published in Spring 2021 by Chronicle Prism, an imprint of Chronicle Books.

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Looking to interview a psychology and workplace expert for print or online media, television, or a podcast? With ten years of experience as an executive and leadership coach, my media appearances will fascinate your audience and generates clicks and shares.

If you’re in need of a sought-after expert source who knows how to cut to the heart of the matter while delivering timely, relatable, and actionable advice (on a tight deadline!), you’ve come to the right place.

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Melody is extensively knowledgeable and presents in a high-value, high-caliber way that balances expertise and relatability. Her insight was actionable and our members left feeling inspired and empowered. The event was our highest attendance to date. The positive feedback keeps pouring in!

Emily Rassam, Women in pensions network

Brand Partnerships

Let’s collaborate to create custom campaigns that engage, inform, and inspire audiences to take action. 

My content receives over 145,000 views each month, in addition to my columns for publications like Forbes, Business Insider, and Quartz. 

My clients and readers are smart, sensitive high-achievers from around the world, including CEOs, executives, managers, and top-performers at the world’s most successful companies.

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My virtual talks and workshops are known for giving audiences the practical skills they need to lead confidently, leverage their strengths, and thrive in today’s world of work.

I pack my presentations with tangible takeaways and actionable content, based on the latest psychology, workplace, and leadership research and insights.

My sensitive strengths make me an empathetic presenter who’s able to connect to audiences quickly and create an engaging experience that inspires them to action.

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Most requested talks

Below is a list of my most requested talks. This list isn’t exhaustive, so if you think I’d be a great fit to give a talk on a different topic, get in touch – I’d love to hear about it. Please note I always customize my talks to meet the interests of your audience and the goals of your event.

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon where high-achievers think they’re inadequate and incapable. It causes you to think you’re a fake or a fraud despite your accomplishments. Up to 50% of both men and women struggle with imposter syndrome weekly. Burnout, the most common consequence of imposter syndrome costs over $190 billion each year.

It’s time to reclaim your power and overcome self-doubt. This workshop will equip you will a toolbox of six research-backed skills you can immediately put into action to feel more confident in your career and capabilities starting today.

Key takeaways:

  • Stay calm and composed in the face of stress instead of freezing under pressure
  • Halt sabotaging thoughts in their path and build an empowering inner dialogue
  • Reimagine how you set goals to build more self-trust and momentum
  • Liberate yourself from comparisons that drain your focus

Thoughtful, intuitive, and perceptive, Sensitive Strivers make natural leaders. In fact, they’re often rated as the top-performers in their organizations. That’s because, sensitivity –– combined with a strong drive to achieve –– makes these leaders powerhouse performers.

However, while sensitive leaders may look successful on the outside, they don’t always feel that way within. Internal blocks, such as perfectionism and people-pleasing, can prevent them and their teams back from being as effective as possible. Sensitive leaders must learn how to recalibrate their qualities to leverage the upsides of their strengths and minimize the downsides of what holds them back.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify if you or someone you work with is a Sensitive Striver
  • Clarify how sensitivity shows up as both a strength and a weakness in leadership
  • Three key skills for thriving as a sensitive leader and building a winning team

Speaking up at work can be hard to do, even when you know you should. You will learn how to assert yourself, get your voice heard, and communicate with more personal power. This is perfect for you if you want to improve your confidence and comfort level in common workplace scenarios like meetings, communicating with your boss, and giving feedback. Special consideration is given to communicating powerfully in the virtual environment and remote workplace. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to reduce apologetic language in communication
  • Techniques to overcome impostor syndrome that are holding you back from being effective
  • How to advocate for yourself and be more visible
  • Tips to be a concise, powerful communicator in written and spoken communication

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Our Herman Miller designers were captivated by Melody's talk. Even better, they left with meaningful steps to advocate for themselves in the workplace. Melody's messaging and content is a valuable new resource in our tool kit of workplace advancement know-how.

Deirdre Cimino, Herman Miller

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Melody is a terrific speaker. Her talk was inspiring and thought-provoking, and was received with glowing enthusiasm by our audience of highly accomplished, professional women.

Maria Frantzis, Founder of Hellenic Professional Women

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