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New branding and website

Have you heard the saying “September is the new January”? The start of a new season is an opportunity to set and accomplish your goals.

Well, I’m starting the Fall completely fresh. Today I wanted to share something very special with you that I’ve been working on for a while…

A new look for melodywilding.com!

While the website now has a totally new look, I’m most excited about refining my mission to serve you as a sensitive high achiever. 

That means bringing even more dedication to helping break free from self-doubt and overwhelm so you can find confidence and thrive, emotionally and professionally.

Why Now? 

A lot has changed since I started coaching 8 years ago…

  • I’ve stepped fully into being a sensitive, ambitious woman. 
  • I’ve helped clients at companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix, and IBM break free from self-doubt, get triple bonuses, promotions, and more. 
  • I’ve become a sought-after workplace psychology speaker and expert.

Not to mention I’m now writing a book(!) titled Trust Yourself  to help you stop overthinking, master your emotions and channel your ambition for success. 

Most importantly, I’ve committed to making sure that you as a Sensitive Striver can enjoy your success without so much stress. 

Evolution is necessary for growth, and it’s time for my brand to reflect my journey with Sensitive Strivers and to help you take the next step on your personal journey.   

The Purpose

With this rebrand, my goal was to…

  • Give my brand a more polished, professional look
  • Represent all the people I serve regardless of gender 
  • Combine “sensitive” elements with the “striver” (driven high-achiever) side

You’ll notice lots of natural features — creams, abstract shapes, rounded corners — combined with classic elements like navy blue and serif fonts. 

The result is the same as when sensitivity and ambition meet… 

An unbeatable combination of strength and softness. 

What This Means For You

  1. Download your copy of my new guide, The 5-Minute Inner Critic Makeover. End self-sabotage and regain confidence at work with an actionable strategy to pull yourself out of negative thinking spirals in as little as five minutes. 
  2. Join The Haven, a free, private community for Sensitive Strivers just like you. Find support, ask questions, or vent to a group that gets it. As your leader, I’m active in The Haven supporting you along the way. You’ll see me in the group offering advice and motivation to get you through the week!
  3. Ready to enjoy success without the stress? Regain your confidence and control at work with one-on-one coaching

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Hi, I'm Melody

I help smart, sensitive high-achievers overcome insecurity and overwhelm so they can thrive in the workplace.


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End self-sabotage and regain your confidence at work.

Get your copy of The 5-Minute Inner Critic Makeover when you sign up for weekly tips and discover the strategy my clients use to stop negative thinking spirals at work — yes, it really takes 5 minutes!

You can unsubscribe at any time. Your details are protected in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

Get the 5-Minute Inner Critic Makeover Guide

Regain your confidence at work. Get the guide leaders at Google and Facebook use to tame their inner critic when you sign up for weekly tips.

Unsubscribe at any time. Your details are protected in accordance with my Privacy Policy.

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