Announcing My New Book

It’s impossible for me to contain my excitement, so I’ll come right out and share that … I’M WRITING A BOOK!!!!

Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking, Master Your Emotions, and Channel Your Ambition for Success is slated to be published in Spring 2021 by the fabulous team at Chronicle Prism, an imprint of Chronicle Books.

This team has created New York Times best-sellers like Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and worked with notable authors such as Paulo Coelho, Marianne Williamson, Rob Bell, others.

The Official Book Announcement:

Believe it or not, this book has been years in the making. I started writing the proposal in 2016. I scrapped multiple versions of it – and hundreds of pages – trying to find and refine the idea. 

With each draft, my editor and agent encouraged me to find the thread that unified my story, struggles, and successes as well as those of my clients.

And when I dug deep to listen to myself and your experiences, one thing became very clear…

Our built-in sensitivities and ambition shape the way we view our careers and ourselves. They’re our superpowers. But these qualities can also make us more susceptible to stress, emotional overwhelm, and overthinking that hold us back from reaching our full potential.

If this sounds familiar, then you may be a Sensitive Striver.

What are Sensitive Strivers?

Put simply, Sensitive Strivers are high-achievers who think and feel everything more deeply.

Trust Yourself puts a name to doubts many women have experienced but couldn’t identify and dives deep into navigating your life and career as Sensitive Striver.

It also offers sound, actionable strategies you can use to cut through the stress and find confidence so you can take control of your life and redirect your sensitivity and drive as strengths.

The Genesis of The Book

Truth be told, writing a book is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. As a child, I spent countless hours hiding under tables and snuggled in couch forts writing stories. I would even mail copies of my stories to authors I admired. (ambitious much?)

A few months ago I revisited old notebooks and felt a rush of emotion at the perceptiveness, creativity, and imagination of my 5-10-year-old self – all qualities of my sensitive nature there on the page.

Sensitive, high-achieving girls grow up to be sensitive, driven women who get so caught up in trying to achieve society’s version of success that they lose touch with themselves. (a result of something I call The Honor Roll Hangover)

Sensitive qualities — being highly attuned to their emotions, the environment, and the behavior of others — also makes you susceptible to the stress that is a byproduct of your ambition.

Typical workplace situations like getting negative feedback, giving a presentation, or dealing with difficult coworkers are more challenging than they are for people less sensitive. You may find that you get easily overstimulated. Most of all, you probably notice that you tend to overthink EVERYTHING.  

You’re not broken or incapable and you don’t have to stop “being so sensitive.”

But it is time you learned how to take control of your life and redirect your sensitivity and drive as strengths.

And that’s exactly what Trust Yourself will help you do.

The vision I have goes far beyond this book…

I want to create a movement so that you to be empowered to embrace your sensitivity and drive – without shame – and use it to power your success.

Because the world needs more smart, thoughtful people like you to take ownership of your unique qualities.

What to Expect Next

Get ready… there is a lot more coming soon:

  • New content to help you grow your confidence as a Sensitive Striver
  • Behind the scenes writing the book
  • A refreshed look for my business

Right now what I want to send your way is immense gratitude.

I truly don’t see this as my accomplishment. It’s ours because I’d never be here without you. Your stories, vulnerability, and experiences shaped the backbone of this book. So thank you. I’m incredibly grateful to you – my readers, my clients, colleagues, friends, and family.

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