If We Were Having Coffee: July 2018

Do you ever wish you could have coffee with your the bloggers and people you follow online? Because, let’s be real, many of us follow the lives of our “internet friends” more than our real life buds these days.

Blogger Jess Lawlor does “virtual coffee dates” where she shares details of her life. Jess Lively (a podcaster I adore) also does a version of this called “Things I’m afraid to tell you”.

Since I love these posts so much, I thought it would be fun to do my own version. Just as if we were sitting down over a cup of joe to chat.

So here goes…

If we were having coffee today… I’d tell you that I’m drinking decaf. I quit caffeine a few months ago. While the adjustment was rough (to put it mildly), I have never felt better. For years I struggled with insomnia (hello to my fellow overthinkers!). After noticing my morning anxiousness was also getting worse, I decided it was time to test quitting coffee. And WOW, what a difference. My mental focus lasts longer, I fall asleep easily, and I feel so much more calm.

If we were having coffee today… I’d tell you that I moved to Jersey City, NJ recently. I’m a Jersey Girl born and raised, so it’s a full circle moment that’s left me feeling grounded and energized. It’s my first time living with a partner (both entrepreneurs, both working from home), which has been an adventure, but I think it’s only made our relationship stronger. Now we have to work as a team. Having a view of New York City ain’t bad either.

Speaking of cities… if we were having coffee, I’d share that I kicked off summer with a visit to Chicago for Memorial Day Weekend. What big projects are you working on during these quieter months? One of my goals is to write more on Medium. Are we connected there yet?

If we were having coffee today… I might mention that I’m reading The CEO Next Door by Elena Botelho and Kim Powell. It’s filled with great insights. There’s lots of surprising takeaways. For example, introverted leaders “wildly exceed expectations” because we are especially adept at “perspective getting”, or engaging someone by understanding their needs and the context before acting. Empathy for the win!

If we were having coffee today…I’d take a second to gush about my coaching clients.  One doubled her monthly income goal. Another just followed her dream to move across the country to NYC. They are starting businesses, getting promotions and bonuses. It’s thrilling to see their results. Every day I feel honored to help them feel more confident and in control of their careers and lives.

If we were having coffee today… I’d gush about my love for teaching. Right now I’m in my third year of teaching Human Behavior in a Social Work graduate program. I also launched my first online course recently for other coaches and therapists. It was an absolute BLAST to put together. It’s thrilling to see students take action and see results for their business–- fast.

And I definitely couldn’t resist telling you about this idea I’ve been thinking about. I hear from so many readers who struggle with people pleasing. They feel like helpless pushovers in their lives and careers. I want to create something to help you learn how to say no, set boundaries, and own your power. I’d love to know: are these problems you struggle with?

If we were having coffee today, what would you tell me? Let me know over on Facebook or Twitter.

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