If We Were Having Coffee: January 2019

It’s been a while since I shared a personal update. When I last caught up with you, I recently moved and summer was just beginning. Now that the New Year has come and gone, I thought it’d be a good time to sit down and fill you in on interesting things happening with me.

Here’s what I would tell you if we were sitting down together over a cup of coffee:

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that we’re just about finished moving in…nine months later (they say it takes a full year, right?). I adore working from my new office. It’s light, bright, and I now have an Uplift Desk. It’s magical. Previously, I used to stand for about 40 minutes a day, but now I stand for about 5-6 hours each work day. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram because I’ll be sharing photos of the new space soon.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that I’ve been gradually shifting to all natural personal care products as part of an overall goal to improve my health. I never realized how many harmful chemicals lurk in everyday skin and body items or the extent to which they could screw with your hormones, mental health and more. Recently I switched to aloe deodorant, switched to sulfate-free shampoo, and added a DIY apple cider vinegar toner to my regimen.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that lately, I’ve been thinking about ways to streamline my time more effectively. A textbook control freak with an individualistic streak, I have trouble letting go and instead tend to try and do everything all by myself. But in order to serve you and my clients better, I need to free up bandwidth. So, I’ve outsourced cooking and cleaning. I use Instacart to get my groceries shipped. On the productivity side, I use Boomerang to pre-write emails and schedule them to go out later which saves me hours of time.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that I’m getting back into reading fiction. While I’m a diehard personal development book junkie, reading fiction at night helps relax my overactive brain before bed. Currently, I’m finishing up Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies. Although I’m really not a science-fiction person, I also LOVED Ready Player One.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that I’m going to San Antonio in a few weeks for a business retreat. It’s my first time visiting the city, so if you’ve been, I’d love your recommendations for things to see and do.

Speaking of my business…if we having coffee today, I’d tell you that I’ve spent the countless hours over the past few months growing the community over in my free, private community, The Haven. I’m in awe of the safe, supportive place for career advice it’s become. If you haven’t join us yet, get on in here! There’s over 650 smart, ambitious friends waiting for you, along with additional weekly support from me.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you that I was a very nervous to share that I’m going to focus on serving sensitive high achievers going forward. (Missed my announcement? You can read it here.) For the people-pleaser in me, it was scary to stake a claim and know that by doing so, I may be turning other people away. Any time you follow your gut, it’s a risk, but being true to yourself pays off. Not only do I feel more clear, aligned and motivated in my business, the overwhelming positive response reassures me that you’re excited, too. Renaming my community to The Haven was the first of many changes to come, so stay tuned. Make sure you’re on my email list, because that’s where I’ll share the latest updates.

If we were having coffee today…I’d gush about my coaching clients. Two started new jobs this months. Others are stepping into leadership roles, launching businesses, doubling their rates, and conquering perfectionism to make progress on their big dreams – all while learning to approach success in a sustainable way that feels true to who they are. If you feel like you’re ready to level up your career and get out of your way, let’s chat.

If we were having coffee today…I’d tell you I’ve missed these chats over the past couple of months.

If we were having coffee today, what would you tell me?

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