If We Were Having Coffee: February 2020

coffee with you

You know I’m all about giving you actionable content to help you thrive in your work as a Sensitive Striver.

And while that usually looks like articles, guides, and coaching, every few months, I like to switch things up and check in with a personal update.

It’s my way of having a virtual heart-to-heart with you and updating you on what’s going on in my life. Plus, it’s an opportunity to share habits, tools, and strategies that are working for me (and may help you, too).

So if we were having coffee today, here’s what I’d tell you.

If we were having coffee today… I’d tell you that the manuscript for my upcoming book TRUST YOURSELF is nearly done! The full first draft took me just under seven months and clocks in at about 80,000 words. Now I’m putting the final touches on it before sending it to my publisher. From there we go into editing, design, and layout. We also have a publication date – mark your calendars for May 2021! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved with the launch team, early bonuses, and more so stay tuned.

If we were having coffee today… I’d share that I’ve been doing a lot more speaking and really enjoying it. I’ve recently spoken at organizations like Walmart, Herman Miller, Quartz, Adweek, and Burberry. Most recently, I gave a talk at Stanford. It’s thrilling to work with companies and organizations that are dedicated to empowering their Sensitive Strivers to become better leaders and performers. If you’d like me to come speak at your organization, get in touch.

If we were having coffee today… I’d celebrate my coaching clients. One was recently promoted to Managing Director. Another just accepted a role as CFO. One client was tapped to lead a major new project that is catapulting his leadership trajectory in the organization. None of their results would be possible without their steadfast commitment to moving past imposter syndrome. Nothing makes me more fulfilled than to see them leveling up as leaders and building their confidence.

If we were having coffee today… I ’d ask if you’re on LinkedIn? I’m spending a lot more time there and sharing great content, so make sure you’re following me.

If we were having coffee today… I’d mention I’ve started meditating. I resisted it for a long time – telling myself the story that I was too high-strung and couldn’t sit still. But I started small, with short 4-10 minute sessions 2-3 times a week and saw a noticeable difference in my mood. I feel calmer, more grounded, and mentally clear. If I don’t meditate for a few days, I start missing it.

If we were having coffee today… I’d show you way too many photos of our rescue kitten, Hudson. We got her in late October and have adored every second of being cat parents ever since. I’d also show you a few photos from Christmastime when my partner Brian and I got engaged! Before you ask when the wedding is, we’re targeting 2022 – well after the book comes out.

If we were having coffee today… I’d ask you for recommendations of things to do in London and Paris. We are heading there in April and I’d love your suggestions.

If we were having coffee today… I’d tell you I always love connecting with you more deeply. We’re having meaningful conversations every day over in The Haven, things like:

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