Do you feel like, despite all of your accomplishments, you’re still struggling to be happy?

Are you sick of feeling caught in a vicious cycle of your own emotions, knowing that it shouldn’t be so hard — but unable to find relief?

The dirty little secret is that most top-performers feel like this, but almost no one talks about it out of fear of looking weak or foolish.

Even though these feelings are natural and you shouldn’t feel guilty about having them, you don’t have to let them control you either. You just need to learn how to channel your thoughts and emotions so they start working for you instead of against you.

You want to feel confident.
You want to be free from stress and anxiety.
And you want this for every area of your life, beyond work.

Before, I felt like I was drowning in the stress and overwhelm at my job. Using the tools that Melody introduced me to, I have a new-found sense of control over my life and an excitement for my future that was not there before.  I’m OVERJOYED with the positive changes to my attitude, self-esteem, and outlook in a few short weeks.

- M.M., Head of Program Management

In just a few weeks, I achieved revenue goals way beyond my expectations as someone starting a side business.  Melody helped me challenge my negative beliefs, which allowed me to come out of a work-derailing funk and transform my mindset. I feel optimistic! I have really made tons of progress in the realm of imposter syndrome. I feel like a new person at work.

- A.G., Software Engineer and Artist

Ready for a change? Let’s talk.

Schedule a free, no-obligation call. We’ll talk about what you’re looking to achieve in your career and life.


Coaching packages start at $2400 (Payment plans are available)

You can take back control, get out of your own way and finally have the confidence and self-assurance you’ve been craving.

Whether you’re…

  • stressed out to the point where you’re skipping lunch, missing sleep, and always waking up dreading the day ahead
  • feeling like you’re not good enough and like it’s only a matter of time until you’re exposed for the “impostor” that you are
  • stuck on a plateau and feel like you’re falling behind, even though you know you’re meant for bigger things
  • fed up with having to battle chronic self-doubt, and ready to do anything to stop it

I’ve helped hundreds of top-performers just like you navigate the complex struggles that come with achievement.

You can stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling like your true self again.

Schedule a free, no-obligation call. We’ll talk about what you’re looking to achieve in your career and life.


Coaching packages start at $2400 (Payment plans are available) 

Attribution: #WOCinTech Chat

 With Melody’s coaching, I quit a toxic job and, more importantly, she helped me rebuild my self-esteem. She gave me actionable advice on how to take risks in a way that paid off and helped me negotiate my new position. 

- A.B., UX Researcher

Working with Melody gave me confidence and structure I needed to take a life-changing step forward in my career. I had been in a job for a year where I was surrounded by negativity. My skills and growth had stagnated. At times I felt hopeless. That all changed when I started working with Melody. I felt equipped and safe to make the decision to leave a bad situation and move towards a brighter future. Thank you!

- L.M., Technology Consultant

You’ll learn how to create sustainable confidence so you can:

  • Catch the conspiracy theories that start in your head before they get out of hand and redirect your thoughts so you can stay on task
  • Getting back in the ring even after setbacks or mistakes occur
  • Not let fears and doubts defeat you
  • Trust your intuition to find the best professional path for you
  • Managing your emotions, even when you feel like you’re going to lose your sh*t
  • Know exactly what to say and do to navigate politics at work and respond to difficult dynamics with your colleagues and manager
  • Put yourself first and implement self-care practices to prevent burn out
  • Focus and tackle your top priorities

How Coaching Works

  1. The first step is to select a time for your free, no-obligation call. In this quick chat, we’ll talk through what you’re looking to achieve in your career and life.
  2. If we determine it’s a good fit to work together, we’ll start off with an in-depth assessment of the barriers holding you back from achieving the happiness and success you desire.
  3. In each session you get concrete, actionable guidance to stop doubting yourself and get out of your own way so you can become unstoppable in your career.

Your coaching package also comes with:

  • Unlimited email support for questions and accountability
  • Personalized exercises and resources to help you make progress faster
  • In-depth feedback on documents (i.e., resume, cover letter, emails, website) so you never get stuck
  • Complimentary access to trainings, courses, and webinars

What all of this means for you is you can redirect your sensitive striving towards strength and not self-sabotage, so you can move through the world with ease and reach your full potential.

Why Me?

Over the past 8 years I’ve helped more than 10,000 high-achievers mentally and emotionally thrive, including CEOs, executives, and top performers at some of the world’s most successful Fortune 500 companies like Google, Facebook, HP, Citibank, HBO and others.  

I’m a licensed social worker and also teach Human Behavior in a graduate program. I hold a Masters degree from Columbia University where I trained under top professionals in the field. Earlier in my career, I worked in the lab for one of the world’s leading psychology researchers.

But those credentials don’t define me. You see, I feel your pain as smart, sensitive high-achiever because I am one too. I think and feel everything very deeply. I’m a consummate A+, gold star, “good girl” who found herself burned out and miserable because she pursued someone else’s version of success. I’m an introvert, empath, and an entrepreneur who still struggles with anxiety and overworking, but is happier than ever pursuing work and a career I adore.

And I started my coaching practice as a way to help other “sensitive strivers” like you cut through stress, develop confidence, identify your purpose, and find inner peace.

Helping sensitive high-achievers like you overcome the emotional challenges of success is what I do best and enjoy the most. I understand human psychology on a deep level, which means that I’m able to get you off your emotional roller coaster and back on track.

I can honestly say I’m a better leader today as a result of working with Melody.

I worked with a coach before and had a bad experience, so I was hesitant about the investment of time and money. But everything about Melody’s style and approach just spoke to me. She has an uncanny ability at identifying the heart of a situation quickly. The way she approaches coaching is totally unique — infusing psychology and neuroscience with communication, leadership and career development skills.

Equal parts strategist, advisor, and cheerleader, Melody is an extremely talented coach who understands exactly how to work with ambitious and high performance individuals. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner! 

- J.E., Senior Product Designer

I was nervous about spending the money on a coach. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it’s the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business. Working with Melody is worth every penny and then some. I wouldn’t be where I am, and I would have completely lost my drive to continue in the face of adversity if not for Melody. Before, I was definitely getting in my own way. But now I feel like I can accomplish any goal, big or small.

The best thing I learned is how to embrace my ambition and high sensitivity. It’s invaluable. I’ve found a way to be happy, successful and fulfilled without burning out. I can’t tell you how much better my self-talk and overall perspective have become.

My biggest success is going from 3 jobs to working full-time on my own business in only 3 months!  Every time I have a nebulous problem, Melody somehow gets right to the heart of the issue. I’ve made so many discoveries about myself, my habits, and my internal challenges that I would very likely never have figured out on my own.

Each session gives me momentum, especially when I’ve started to slow down on my own. At every session, Melody has special lessons and resources to share so that I’m able to work on my challenges and celebrate my successes. She doesn’t give cookie-cutter advice. Her suggestions and insights are entirely personalized. And I particularly value her genuine care and compassion. Her attitude, sensitivity, and knowledge make all the difference in the world. Thank you for all that you do.

- S.L., Professional Organizer

Let’s face it, you’ve probably tried to resolve your problems on your own already. But you’re still here now in search of help.

It’s hard to admit that though we’ve tried to improve ourselves, we came up short. We want to believe that if we just try a little harder, next time it will be different. But how many “next times” have you had already, and yet you’re still feeling stuck?

The good news is, you’re not broke. Your situation isn’t hopeless.

If you actually want to start seeing results then it’s time for you to be honest that what you’ve tried before hasn’t worked. You’re ready to work with an expert who helps sensitive, overachievers just like you master their inner game and level up their careers .

Together we can get you off the emotional roller coaster you’ve been riding and put you back in control.


Your next step is to schedule a free, no-obligation call. We’ll talk about what you’re looking to achieve in your career and life.

Coaching packages start at $2400 (Payment plans are available)

Working with Melody has been worth every freaking penny. I’m so thankful to have her in my corner.

- L.G., Management Consultant

Melody has guided me to strength I didn’t know I had time and time again, helping me turn a life strangled by other people’s expectations into one of conscious, intentional joy at work and at home. I left a toxic relationship and more than one toxic work environment. I also have changed careers (along with nearly doubling my salary). I always feel ready to take on a new challenge, push myself, and take risks. Without her, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today.

- M.G.W, Producer at Top Media Company