Transform Emotions into Power, Not Self-Sabotage [Podcast Interview!]

Feelings like doubt and inadequacy can drive to self-sabotage. We may overeat, procrastinate, or numb out with alcohol or TV.

Whatever your coping mechanism of choice, the bottom line is: running from your emotions backfires.

No one knows that better than my friend, Ali Shapiro, a pioneering health and nutrition expert, who helps women transform their bodies by transforming their emotions.

I was honored when Ali asked me to be a guest on her podcast Insatiable, because not only could I talk to her for hours just nerding out about psychology, but I’m also personal fan of the show!

When Ali emailed me and asked if we could have a nuanced conversation about being a highly sensitive person, I was so in.

You don’t want to miss this one! We talk about:

  1. The counter-intuitive way to make self-doubt an ally, not an enemy. (ps. Have you seen my TEDx talk yet?)
  2. How being highly conscientious gives you a competitive edge yet can also turn into a weakness and how to mitigate the downside of being so on the ball.
  3. The impostor syndrome and how it gets high achievers to question so much about themselves and the solution is not to play to your strengths.
  4. A simple self-care tool you can use to transform emotions into power.

Listen here and subscribe to get more episodes of Insatiable: https://bit.ly/powernotovereating

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