Close Sales, Land Deals & Get What You Want:
Fearless Negotiation On-Demand Masterclass

This seminar reframed how I think about negotiating and how I feel about approaching it. My thought process has altered and it’s pretty significant progress.
Workshop Participant

Do you want and deserve more from your job and your relationships, but get hung up when it comes to asserting yourself?

How much more could you be making if you weren’t afraid to ask for the salary or rates you’re worth?

Does the discomfort of negotiation make you avoid it at all costs, even though you know how much your life would be improved if you did?

If any of the above questions describes how you feel, then you’re not alone. Studies show that women feel almost triple the amount of apprehension and anxiety about negotiating than men.

In my work with professionals and entrepreneurs, I see one particular challenge holding women back time and time again: we’re afraid of negotiating for what we want out of fear of conflict and rejection.

The result? We sacrifice promotions, pay raises, opportunities for growth, happy relationships, and so much peace of mind.

For many of us, speaking up and asking for what we want sets off a crisis of self-consciousness and doubt. And it’s no wonder: Women are in a double-bind. We’re expected to be leaders, yet be team players. We’re told to follow our goals, but to be considerate and take into account how our actions affect others. If we speak up or negotiate, we’re afraid of being disliked, gossiped about, or called a b*tch.

Because we’re emotionally intelligent and understand the consequences of asking, we tone down our requests – or worse, don’t ask at all.

This loss of confidence starts when we’re young and those limiting beliefs can be reflected at work and at home. We stop taking chances. We choose not to try. We internalize criticism and take feedback way too personally. No matter how many degrees we have or how many awards we’ve won, we still feel inadequate. We cope by settling for situations that make us resentful and unhappy. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As I work with women to help them to overcome their self-sabotaging patterns, I find that most negotiation advice doesn’t work. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig – without addressing the core emotional challenges that women face when negotiating it won’t do any good. You can memorize negotiation tactics and rehearse your speech in front of the mirror for hours (like I did) but none of that helps if you’re entering the room with a weak foundation of self-esteem and shaky confidence.

The good news is it’s entirely possible to shift your attitude and approach to negotiation.

You can rebuild your confidence and hone the skills you need to make negotiating feel like second nature, rather than a scary event that has you freaking out every time it comes up.

Whether you’re interested in a promotion, raising your rates, or simply persuading someone to trust your ideas, you need to master the art of confidence in negotiation…and that’s exactly what this course will help you do.

What It Covers

In this course, you’ll find material that goes far beyond fleeting negotiation “tricks and hacks” including:

By the end of this course you’ll know how to:

What You Get

I learned a lot of skills that will help me remove the fear of asking for the amount of money for which my work is actually valued.
Workshop Participant

Meet Your Instructor

I’m Melody Wilding, LMSW, a licensed social worker, human behavior professor, and peak performance coach who helps high-achieving, ambitious women like you overcome the emotional challenges that come with success.

I first created this course after hearing many of my top-performing clients express their fear and frustration with the negotiation process. They felt uncomfortable and completely unconfident asking for what they want in business and personal contexts.

My goal is to arm you with actionable methods and mindsets you can use to feel empowered when speaking up for yourself and asking for what you deserve.