Private Client Monthly Mastermind Recordings

Below you’ll find recordings to past Monthly Mastermind sessions. 

Click on the link to view the video. In the video description, you will find guiding questions and resources from each call.

September 2021: Managing Emotions in the Workplace 

August 2021: Resilience and Bouncing Back from Setbacks

July 2021: Perfectionism

June 2021: Delegation

May 2021: Moving from Self-criticism to Self-compassion

April 2021: Boundaries

March 2021: Influencing in the Workplace 

February 2021: Holding Others Accountable

January 2021: Assertiveness

December 2020: Goal Setting

November 2020: Imposter Syndrome 

October 2020: Overthinking

September 2020: Burnout

August 2020: Concise Communication

July 2020: Motivation

June 2020: Personal Productivity

May 2020: Giving and Receiving Feedback