Managing Burnout (New LinkedIn Learning Course)

Reduce Burnout Now

Are you one of the millions of people worldwide that are struggling with managing burnout?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you exhausted all the time? 
  • Have you become cynical or disillusioned at work?
  • Do you find it hard to motivate yourself or be productive?
  • Does every day feel like a bad day

If you said “yes” to all – or even some – of the above, then you may be struggling with burnout. 

And you’re not alone. 

One out of every four professionals can. In fact, a survey from The Harris Poll found that over 76 percent of professionals say they’re burned out.

What is burnout? 

Everyone has a bad day at work from time to time, but burnout is different. 

The World Health Organization defines burnout as “a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” 

And it has three primary symptoms: 

  1. Mental and emotional depletion or exhaustion
  2. Detachment and negative feelings toward your job
  3. Reduced productivity

Burnout goes beyond just being stressed. You feel more than just fatigued or overwhelmed, you feel empty, listless, and devoid of motivation – as if you have nothing left to give. 

Hope in the face of burnout from Managing Burnout by Melody Wilding, LMSW

My Burnout Story

It hit me like a ton of bricks one Saturday night how much burnout was affecting my life. I had just canceled on a friend’s wedding weekend to work instead.

A voice in my head kept saying, “You can’t afford to take time off! You have work to do!”

From the outside, it looked like I had it all:

  • A good job
  • Strong work ethic
  • A promising career path.

But on the inside, I was frazzled, restless, and emotionally depleted. 

Managing Burnout

Chances are, you can relate to my story. Burnout disproportionately affects high-achievers who care deeply about their work and hold themselves to exacting standards

Take heart that it is possible to find relief from the exhaustion and disconnection from your work that you’re going through right now. 

My new LinkedIn Learning course, Managing Burnout, provides you with the tools and mindsets you need to identify, recover from, and prevent burnout. 

You’ll walk away with tools and strategies to build resilience, renew your focus, and take control of your stress.

Get started on the course now.

When you sign up now, you get access to the course plus additional worksheets, templates, and more. 

Start the course now for free with LinkedIn Premium or sign up for just $24.99. 

Identify the signs of burnout from Managing Burnout by Melody Wilding

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