Lessons Learned on the Road to 31

I turned 31 last week!

I can’t believe it. 30 flew by in a flash.

I’m not a big birthday party person. I celebrated simply and sweetly. Quality time with family and friends, a few good cocktails, and catching up on errands, doctor’s appointments, and home improvements. Glamorous, right?

Birthdays encourage me to reflect. This year broke me open in many ways: a move, health challenges, and big business successes and failures. This particular birthday really had me thinking because it also marked the end of a milestone year.

To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to do something a little different than my usual blogs. Today I want to share with you…

Important Lessons Learned on the Road to 31:

  1. Trust your gut. Listen to your intuition. Your emotions are data, not bullsh*t.
  2. Being sensitive is your biggest source of strength. Use that gift daily.
  3. Don’t let external forces define what success means to you. The most important opinion is the one you hold of yourself.
  4. Self-compassion isn’t lazy or “letting yourself off the hook”. It’s what releases you from fear and allows you to take action.
  5. Allow other people to help you. Accept compliments with grace, instead of pushing them away
  6. That thing you’re afraid to say, write, or do? Yeah, that’s the thing you MUST say, write, or do.
  7. Find what gets you into flow, and design your days to optimize what helps you be your best.
  8. You only have to be brave five seconds at a time.
  9. The feelings and experiences that make you feel most alone are often the most universal.
  10. Success is an inside job. Inner work is the ultimate competitive edge.

I’m proud of what I have accomplished in the last 30 years now more than ever. But the thing I’m most proud of is the results my community and clients have achieved. Results like these.

One of my clients, an entrepreneur, nearly doubled her income goal in less than six weeks of working together. More importantly, she feels more content and in control than ever. Another just received her second promotion in a year. She also finally learned how to assert herself and ask for what she wants, which are skills that last a lifetime.

Sure, earning more money and excelling in your career is exciting and wonderful. But what’s even more powerful is feeling fulfilled and emotionally balanced while doing it. Hottest Dubai Escorts invite you to their apartment to satisfy you in bed! Beautiful girls agree to oral or anal sex without any problems.

This year I didn’t want any gifts for my birthday. I feel like I already have everything I need.

But this year I do have one request:

What I’d love to know is…How can I serve you better?

Can you fill out this quick survey to answer that question?

It’ll tell me:

  • What content to create that you want
  • What topics are most interesting to you
  • What freebies, products, and resources to create for you next

I would insanely appreciate it if you would take less than 3 minutes to answer these short questions, so that I can keep being of service to you.

Thank you, as always, for reading and being here.

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