Leading as a Highly Sensitive Person (New LinkedIn Learning Course)

Have you ever been told that you’re too sensitive?

Perhaps you’ve been given feedback in performance reviews that you care too much or that you need to grow a thicker skin. 

If so, you are not alone.

Research shows that one in five people are highly sensitive – meaning they have a more finely tuned nervous system. 

Being highly sensitive can feel like a hindrance at times, making you more susceptible to stress, overwhelm, and even self-doubt. 

But what you might not realize is that your sensitivity can also be your greatest superpower as a leader. 

I know this because, for over ten years, I’ve been helping highly sensitive leaders like you get out of your own way and reach your full potential. 

And now I’m excited to bring some of my favorite tools and strategies to you…

In my brand new LinkedIn Learning course, Leading as a Highly Sensitive Person.

In this course, you’ll discover tools and strategies to perform at your best as a highly sensitive leader and boost your confidence and results, including how to:

I’ll weave in cutting-edge research and case studies to explain how you can use your sensitivity to positively impact your team and organization. 

Are you ready to channel your sensitivity for greater success? Click here to get started on the course now.

High sensitivity as a leadership superpower from Leading as a Highly Sensitive Person by Melody Wilding

When you sign up for the course now, you get access to the course plus additional worksheets, templates, and more. 

Start the course now for free with LinkedIn Premium or sign up for just $24.99.

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