Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome

>> Live confidence-building workshop for Sensitive Strivers on january 11 <<

Go from insecure to empowered with six research-backed tools.

Let me guess...

On paper, it looks like you’re progressing. You’re smart and on an upward professional trajectory. On the outside, you seem like you have it all together. 

But on the inside? It feels like you're going backwards.

At work you...

And your inner monologue?

Is dominated by an inner critic that never takes a day off.

You know it. It’s the negative voice in your head that says things like…

You’re no expert. Why would anyone in this meeting care what you have to say?

Everyone else is so confident. Why do you take everything so personally?

Pretty soon they’ll all find out you have no idea what you’re doing.

This is imposter syndrome in action.

Imposter syndrome is a phenomenon where high-achievers think they’re inadequate and incapable. It causes you to think you’re a fake or a fraud despite your accomplishments.

Here’s the thing – it is possible to be driven and find inner peace.

But it’s first important to understand that Sensitive Strivers like you and me struggle with imposter syndrome more than other people.

It doesn’t mean you’re broken. In fact, it’s a product of biology. You see, research shows that sensitive people have a genetic difference that makes them more attuned to their own thoughts and feelings as well as the reactions of other people.

While your unique qualities are what make you highly perceptive, creative, and dedicated in your work – if left unchecked – they can also become a source of strife.

Because when sensitivity and imposter syndrome meet, it can feel like quicksand.

Emotional reactivity, overthinking, and a preoccupation with external validation pull you down into a pit of despair that can be hard to get out of.

It doesn't have to be that way.

With the right tools, you can turn your sensitivity into a superpower and finally find freedom from imposter syndrome.

Imagine being able to…

  • Silence your inner critic and find your voice
  • Have more energy to focus on projects that are meaningful to you
  • Enjoy your success and let go of the idea that you never do enough
  • Source a sense of self-worth from inside, instead of from others

This type of inner confidence is entirely possible.

How do I know?

Hi, I'm Melody

For ten years, I’ve helped Sensitive Strivers like you get of their own way so they can unlock their potential.

My clients are leaders and top performers at some of the worlds biggest companies, including Google, Facebook, Netflix, JP Morgan, and Verizon. 

As an executive coach, licensed social worker, and human behavior professor, I know what it takes to overcome doubt.

And that’s exactly what the Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome live workshop will help you do.


“Equal parts strategist, advisor & sherpa”

Here’s what past clients have to say about my coaching approach and their results.

past clients at:

As a result of Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome you will:

All that means you will be able to move through your work day with less stress and more ease.

You’ll walk away with a toolbox of six skills you can immediately put into action to take your power back from imposter syndrome and stop self-doubt before it sabotages you.

I instantly walked away feeling more confident.

I was struggling with second guessing myself, feeling extremely anxious and never saying no to things because I wasn't working hard enough. But now after the workshop, I feel more in control of my thoughts and comfortable working through challenges.

This workshop was absolutely amazing!

Workshop Details

When you join Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome you get: 

A live, interactive 90-minute workshop

The workshop will take place on Zoom, Monday, January 11th, at 9 AM ET and 3 PM ET. Select which time slot you prefer when you check out. You’ll receive a link to the private workshop room in advance of the event. 

The workshop recording

My private clients pay up to $5,500 for help with their imposter syndrome. But in this workshop you’ll get many of the same methods for a fraction of the price. You can join live AND keep the recording for life for just $97.

A Prep work guide

Prepare and get the most out of the workshop with exercises and prompts to get energized and centered.


Throughout the interactive event, you’ll use this companion workbook to internalize all the learnings and build your toolbox for overcoming imposter syndrome. 

A comprehensive resource guide

After the event, you’ll receive a bonus guide that outlines each tool in depth. It also includes worksheets you can reprint and reuse going forward. Plus you’ll get additional resources to deepen and advance your progress.


There are 50 tickets available. For that reason, there is no refund policy. If you take one of the spots, it’s yours regardless of whether or not you attend live.

If you are struggling with Impostor Syndrome, Melody can help. Her unique approach is so effective. She gave me actionable advice on how to take risks in a way that paid off and helped me negotiate a new position. Best of all, she’s kind, empowering, and helps you realize where you may be underestimating your contributions and skills.

This workshop is different

You’ve probably read countless books on your journey. Maybe even tried therapy. You’ve found some relief, but it’s short-lived…

I bet you’re sick of reading articles with tip after tip like “just talk about imposter syndrome with other people!” and “be more aware!”

Talk about let down.

What you’ve been missing — and craving — are highly actionable strategies designed with your unique personality in mind.

That’s exactly what you’ll get inside Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome.

Now it's time to decide.

You know you have gifts within you. 

You know you are far more capable than you give yourself credit for. 

Inner peace, groundedness, and success wait on the other side of getting out of your own way. 

Are you ready to choose confidence over fear? 

It was time to face the crippling affects of imposter syndrome head on. The strategies Melody presented are very straightforward and easy to understand. I left feeling inspired dive in and conquer my doubt. I now feel like I can "do this!"

I struggle with imposter syndrome constantly. It causes me to doubt myself and delay contributing. But now with the tools from this workshop, I can address my inner critic compassionately and without fear.

I loved that this workshop took combined techniques into ONE toolbox to deal with imposter syndrome. I feel more empowered because I now have distinct, actionable, go-to strategies to deal with self-doubt when it arises.


Questions? Email me at hello@melodywilding.com

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Workshop registration closes January 10th @ 11:59 pm ET