4 Things I Learned About You from My 2018 Reader Survey

Recently, I asked you (my readers!) to take a survey so I can learn more about what you struggle with when it comes to mentally and emotionally thriving in your career. I like to do this because it’s one of the best ways to get real, helpful feedback from the people I care about serving the most: you.

This year I decided to do things a little differently. Instead of asking you boring, surface-level demographic questions about your age and gender, I wanted to get to know you on a deeper level. The survey dug into your biggest challenges, most ambitious goals, and aspirations for the future.

For the past few days, I have been pouring over the results. Your responses were varied and fascinating. Some topics I expected, others surprised me. The results gave me so many ideas about how I can help you achieve the success you want (without going crazy) and craft a career that’s aligned with who you are.

To the hundreds of you who completed the survey, thank you! Your responses shape the direction of the content I create for you in the months to come. The feedback you provide help me serve you better and ensure you get what you need (and the results you want to see) from my blog, free trainings, and other resources I provide.

So what did I discover? Here are a few of the key themes that emerged, and more importantly, what you can expect from me in response:

Key Themes From Readers

1. You are striving for many of the same goals.

When I asked “What goals or intentions do you have for your career in the next 12 months?”, most of you shared similar ambitions. You said:

  • Deliver results and make my current projects successful
  • Find a career path that better suits me
  • Improve my work-life balance
  • Boost my confidence

Surprisingly, “delivering results” topped the list. My readers tend to be high-achieving, dedicated, action-takers so it makes sense that you’re continually striving to be better, more effective leaders. I assumed some version of “managing stress” would be right below that, but not so. Work-life balance came in second to last.

Finding a career path that better suits you was another major goal. Many readers said that they feel their current job environment or workplace culture isn’t the right fit for them. You feel misunderstood or as if your gifts and skills aren’t being utilized. You want to either be valued for the work you do, or find an enjoyable, fulfilling career that’s a better fit for your personality (even if that’s a little outside the mainstream).

It sounds like many of you fell into career paths because you felt trapped by the expectations of others’. One reader put it this way:

“My job is a poor fit for my skills and interests. Internally that is. Externally perceptions and judgments are good. My job pays well and has security. I know I need to switch to a job that fits. It will be less secure and lower pay. My wife will be nervous. My peers will shake their heads. Hence the stress.”

Now that I’ve coached hundreds of smart, sensitive people I’ve noticed similar patterns that hold people back from taking calculated risks in their career (fear of judgment and unrealistically high standards to name a few). I’m actually putting together tools to help you make bold career decisions with more ease and less stress, so you can kick overthinking to the curb. More on this to come!

2. Bad bosses are a big problem.

Micromanagement, lack of feedback, cronyism– I (unfortunately) heard a lot of horror stories about horrible bosses. I’ve written about the signs of a toxic workplace, how to cope, and better ways to communicate.

These results only reinforce my desire to give you more training on how to be more assertive and advocate for yourself so that your contributions are valued (and your sanity stays intact).

3. A majority of you aspire to be your own boss one day.

I LOVE this. Entrepreneurship runs in my blood so I was incredibly excited to see that 62% of my readers want to be business owners.

Lots of you feel overwhelmed when it comes to starting a business or side hustle. Others want to overcome their insecurities and develop the confidence to get your name out there. If this is you, check out my online course, The Media Darling Method. It shows you how to get your business seen and reach millions of potential clients. You’ll learn my exact system for self-promotion–without any sleaze.

4. You want new ways to connect with each other and learn from me.

Many of my readers are self-confessed “thinkers” and like to consume content by reading articles and book. The good news is…my blog isn’t going anywhere. I’ll only be writing more.

But I also found out that you’re eager for new ways to learn how to be smart, sane, and successful and to also connect with ambitious, go-getters just like you. This is GREAT news because, honestly, I’ve been craving more connection with you, too.

That’s why I’m excited to share my BRAND NEW Facebook Group! This will be a place where you can get free coaching, live training, podcasts, videos, and be among the first to know when I release new resources. And if you feel lonely in your career, this will be a safe sanctuary to get support from likeminded high achievers. You can work through your challenges so you can keep crushing your goals like the boss you are. 

It’s a tight-knit community and I intend to keep it that way, so join now and capitalize on your chance to get in on the ground floor and help shape the direction of the community.

Click here to request access to The Smart, Sane, & Successful Community now. 

Most of all, it filled my heart to hear that you appreciate my content and think I should keep up the good work. Many of you told me stories about how you’ve been able to get promotions, raises, and start businesses as a result of reading my blog or working with me. I’m forever grateful that you entrust me with your time and attention. It’s truly a gift to serve you.

Thank you again to those of you who were able to participate in the survey. If you weren’t able to participate, you can still contribute by clicking here.

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