Master your psychology with therapeutic insights for your life, relationships, & career

Top-performers seem like they have it all. They’re…

  • Highly motivated & Ambitious
  • Smart & Educated
  • Striving to be the best in all areas of their life

But the unspoken secret is that on the inside many of them feel like they’re:

  • Constantly taking on way too much
  • Always making sacrifices
  • Fighting a losing battle against self-doubt and unhappiness

The truth is that these thoughts are natural, and if you feel that despite all of your accomplishments you’re still not at peace with yourself, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately there is a flipside to success that can deeply affect the types of women who are always trying to achieve more. The emotional intelligence and ambition that often give them their edge can unfortunately also lead them to feel an increased sense of self-doubt and sabotages them from fully enjoying their achievements.

Sometimes they feel like they’re just on an incredible string of luck and are constantly afraid that their next project will be the failure that exposes them as a fraud (Imposter Syndrome). Others worry that with each new accomplishment what they’ve achieved is too good to be true and it’s going to come crashing down sooner rather than later (Upper Limit Problem). Or their success is overshadowed by baggage from dysfunctional relationships and negative patterns that follow them into the office.

Your success doesn’t have to be a source of suffering.

The good news is that many women have overcome the emotional challenges that come with success. I’m Melody, and I’ve found my calling helping women like you put an end to the cycles of guilt and unhappiness that hold you back from a lasting and balanced feeling of fulfillment.

What would it mean for you if you could fully enjoy your next promotion or achievement, instead of immediately worrying about whether you’re going to live up to the additional responsibility? How much more could you do each day if you were fully engaged instead of having the complications of a rocky relationship constantly dividing your attention? Don’t you deserve to be confident and content instead of always comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t measure up?

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As an entrepreneur, you sometimes think you have to deal with it all alone, but after a few sessions with Melody, I felt like a load had been lifted off of my back. She helps you talk through and think through difficult personal and work situations, and move forward constructively.

- A.C., Co-founder of Venture Backed Tech Startup


  1. How To Get Your Significant Other On Board With Your Bold Career Goals


    Does the idea of selling something to someone you love sound sleazy or conjure up images of a salesman with a greasy mustache and bad suit promising low, low prices on used cars?

    We tend to confine our thinking about sales to business contexts – and more often than not it’s something we seek to avoid or shy away from.

    But think back to the last time you put your best influencer skills to work, whether that was convincing your colleagues to take a new direction on a project, demonstrating your experience in an interview or pitching a startup idea. Chances are, you’ve developed some pretty good sales skills over the years.

    In reality, sales is crucial for more than pushing used cars or hocking the latest as-seen-on-TV product. You can leverage this essential skill to success not only professionally, but also in your personal relationships. Whether you want to win over investors, land a job or organize a team you have to persuade others to support your vision or dream – and this same principle of motivation holds for romantic partnerships as well.

    As you chase your dreams, it’s important to “sell” your partner on the positive aspects of  change if you’d like them to come along on the journey with you. You can’t expect another person to read your mind, but chances are, if they have a clear sense of your needs and objectives, they’ll be your biggest cheerleader.

  2. Day In The Life: The Morning Rituals That Power My Productivity

    Women@Forbes new Day In the Life’ series gives an insider’s view into the lives of women entrepreneurs. In this series, I’ll be giving a behind-the-scenes look at everything from the people, places, and projects that inspire me to the apps, productivity tips, and stress-reducing tricks I can’t live without.


    My typical weekday starts at sunrise. I’m up and out of bed between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Growing up, I was a night owl, however, as I’ve matured, I’ve come to cherish the tranquil, meditative quality of mornings. Waking up early ahead of the hustle and bustle centers me and creates positive momentum that propels me throughout the day.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 11.19.51 AM

    Within the first 30 minutes of waking up I mix up a protein shake and hydrate with warm water and lemon. Breakfast is usually a quick slow-carb meal of eggs and greens, which stabilizes my blood sugar and gives me the energy I need to tackle my highest priority projects before lunch.

    inbox zero

    Before heading to the gym or out for a run, I filter my inbox. Taming my messages gives me a productivity boost. I clear out clutter and process anything that can be done within two minutes. It’s a quick win that frees my mind and lets me fully enjoy my workout.


    In a time when mentors are important to have but hard to find, I look to the authors and thought leaders I follow as part of my virtual “brain trust,” contributing to my ongoing career development.

Master your psychology with therapeutic insights for your life, relationships, & career