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Top-performers seem like they have it all. They’re…

  • Highly motivated & Ambitious
  • Smart & Educated
  • Striving to be the best in all areas of their life

But the unspoken secret is that on the inside many of them feel like they’re:

  • Constantly taking on way too much
  • Always making sacrifices
  • Fighting a losing battle against self-doubt and unhappiness

The truth is that these thoughts are natural, and if you feel that despite all of your accomplishments you’re still not at peace with yourself, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately there is a flipside to success that can deeply affect the types of women who are always trying to achieve more. The emotional intelligence and ambition that often give them their edge can unfortunately also lead them to feel an increased sense of self-doubt and sabotages them from fully enjoying their achievements.

Sometimes they feel like they’re just on an incredible string of luck and are constantly afraid that their next project will be the failure that exposes them as a fraud (Imposter Syndrome). Others worry that with each new accomplishment what they’ve achieved is too good to be true and it’s going to come crashing down sooner rather than later (Upper Limit Problem). Or their success is overshadowed by baggage from dysfunctional relationships and negative patterns that follow them into the office.

Your success doesn’t have to be a source of suffering.

The good news is that many women have overcome the emotional challenges that come with success. I’m Melody, and as a licensed therapist I’ve found my calling helping women like you put an end to the cycles of guilt and unhappiness that hold you back from a lasting and balanced feeling of fulfillment.

What would it mean for you if you could fully enjoy your next promotion or achievement, instead of immediately worrying about whether you’re going to live up to the additional responsibility? How much more could you do each day if you were fully engaged instead of having the complications of a rocky relationship constantly dividing your attention? Don’t you deserve to be confident and content instead of always comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t measure up?

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I am so glad I found Melody! She’s helped me tremendously! Melody confronted hurts I had been reenacting for years, but didn’t dwell on the negative. She helped me process years of family problems and learn how to constructively overcome trust issues that were holding me back in romantic relationships. She gave me concrete actions to move forward and I established firmer boundaries. Immediately, I saw a difference in my everyday life: my anxiety and dissatisfaction was replaced by happiness, optimism, and ease. Now, I can confidently approach healthy relationships with men and friends.

- V.C., CEO of Graphic Design Firm


  1. 3 Quick Ways to Stave Off the Winter Blues at Work

    3 Quick Ways to Stave Off the Winter Blues

    At this point in the winter, the holiday glow has faded and you’re once again hustling full force back at the office. But with the shorter, colder, grayer days, it’s getting harder to shake the low, lethargic feeling following you around.

    If during the winter months you feel irritable, moody, or depressed, you may be part of the 20% of the population who deals with the “winter blues” or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

    And there’s a good reason for your sluggishness: The lack of daylight throws off our circadian rhythm, and when the body’s “master clock” gets out of whack, our brain doesn’t receive signals to be active and focused. Instead, it gets sleep and looks for temporary energy fixes through snacks, caffeine, and alcohol.

    When you’re in the midst of a winter slump, it can feel like a case of the Mondays on repeat. We all know that when you’re not feeling your best, adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and fitting in exercise are tantamount to boosting your mood, but there are plenty of other small tweaks you can make to hack your happiness and bust through the winter blues.

    If you’re feeling totally uninspired with the weather right now, try these simple and quick ways to inject a boost of energy into your day and turn your winter slump around:

    1. Put effort into getting dressed for work.

    When it’s freezing outside and you can’t imagine moving from your warm bed to the bathroom in the morning, getting dressed to the nines for the office is usually the last thing you want to do.

  2. 4 Steps to Quit Comparing Yourself to Other Women

    How to Quit Comparing Yourself to Other Women

    You’re at the gym, in the middle of a great workout, feeling strong and accomplished. Just as you’re about to start your cool-down, a woman gets on the treadmill next to you and cranks the speed up. Her toned legs that go on for miles make yours look, well, stumpy, and you can’t help but notice multiple people staring at her. She’s wearing the trendiest workout clothes, and you suddenly feel incredibly self conscious in your fitness fashion choices. How on earth is she not even breaking a sweat, while you’re there make-up free and drenched?!

    Back at home, you start scrolling through Facebook. It’s filled with your friends’ happy photos and cheery status updates about the new house they just bought in a super desirable neighborhood. You’ve been coveting a home just like theirs for years now, saving little by little, but your dream is still years away from becoming a reality.

    You start to think, “what did they do right that I didn’t? I should have gotten that raise last year—that would really have helped me out. I guess I’m not putting in enough hours after all, but there is just so much to do between working a full-time job, raising two kids, and dealing with a husband who travels for work all the time. I’ll never get there…”

    Have you ever found yourself a situation like this?

    This is the comparison trap in action, and it’s bringing you down.

Master your psychology with therapeutic insights for your life, relationships, & career