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Top-performers seem like they have it all. They’re…

  • Highly motivated & Ambitious
  • Smart & Educated
  • Striving to be the best in all areas of their life

But the unspoken secret is that on the inside many of them feel like they’re:

  • Constantly taking on way too much
  • Always making sacrifices
  • Fighting a losing battle against self-doubt and unhappiness

The truth is that these thoughts are natural, and if you feel that despite all of your accomplishments you’re still not at peace with yourself, you’re not alone.

Unfortunately there is a flipside to success that can deeply affect the types of women who are always trying to achieve more. The emotional intelligence and ambition that often give them their edge can unfortunately also lead them to feel an increased sense of self-doubt and sabotages them from fully enjoying their achievements.

Sometimes they feel like they’re just on an incredible string of luck and are constantly afraid that their next project will be the failure that exposes them as a fraud (Imposter Syndrome). Others worry that with each new accomplishment what they’ve achieved is too good to be true and it’s going to come crashing down sooner rather than later (Upper Limit Problem). Or their success is overshadowed by baggage from dysfunctional relationships and negative patterns that follow them into the office.

Your success doesn’t have to be a source of suffering.

The good news is that many women have overcome the emotional challenges that come with success. I’m Melody, and as a licensed therapist I’ve found my calling helping women like you put an end to the cycles of guilt and unhappiness that hold you back from a lasting and balanced feeling of fulfillment.

What would it mean for you if you could fully enjoy your next promotion or achievement, instead of immediately worrying about whether you’re going to live up to the additional responsibility? How much more could you do each day if you were fully engaged instead of having the complications of a rocky relationship constantly dividing your attention? Don’t you deserve to be confident and content instead of always comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t measure up?

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Working with Melody has changed my perspective not only on my career, but on my life. Her coaching fits what ambitious millennials need: actionable, no-nonsense advice that takes into account the various demands competing for our attention and time each day. If you’re ever questioning how your career fits into your life, work with Melody.

- H.S., NYC-based PR Professional


  1. The Perfectionist’s Guide to Making Decisions: The Art of Satisficing


    You’re awesome at your job. You know it, feedback from colleagues and clients has affirmed it, and you consistently deliver results that are above and beyond what’s been asked of you. You repeat this pattern enough times and it becomes the norm—which, frankly, can be exhausting.

    High achievers are prone to this pattern of behavior, which is usually completely unsustainable. Eventually, you realize that no matter how many cups of coffee you drink, after-work happy hours and gym sessions you cancel, or calls from your parents you send to voicemail, there’s no possible way to create what you really need: more hours in the day.

    This leaves you in the tricky situation of having to take stock of everything on your plate and figure out how to make it all work—without going crazy. But if you’re used to doing it all (and doing it well), just the thought of prioritizing some of your to-dos over others probably makes you break into a sweat. How can you not do everything—and at 110%?

    This is where you can employ a decision-making hack called “satisficing,” which combines “satisfying” with “sufficing.” It’s all about finding the solution that satisfies most criteria, rather than searching and searching for the optimal solution. Using this process to decide where to focus your time and energy will help you take care of everything that needs to be done, while still preserving your sanity.

    Here’s how it works: Say you’ve taken on a huge new project at work that requires you to write a report on some research your team has done.

  2. 3 Ways To Beat The Solopreneur Blues

    3 Ways To Beat The Solopreneur Blues

    Do you feel like you’re in a rut?

    Has your motivation disappeared without any signs of a comeback?

    From time to time we all fall in a “funk” — when we feel plagued by a lack of focus and feel down for reasons we can’t put our finger on.

    Sound familiar? Blame the solopreneur blues.

    While the solopreneur blues is not a condition in the scientific sense, every entrepreneur, freelancer, or creator is familiar with the feeling of loneliness that accompanies blazing your own trail.

    Sometimes it seems the toughest part about going solo isn’t the technical knowledge needed to build a company or find customers. Rather, the most difficult part is the battle within — it’s precisely this thought: “I am alone in this”. While you’re deeply committed and invested in your business, your friends and family may not understand what it is that you actually do all day or why. Not to mention you may spend the majority of your day physically alone without any input from a team or peers.

    How can you lift yourself out of this pattern and start feeling brighter every day?

    Here are a few practical tips for combating the solopreneur blues:

    Do a perspective check

    Overwhelming and stressful situations tend to trigger negative feelings and make us see situations more pessimistically. Take a second to reflect and separate yourself from the business challenges you’re facing. Ask yourself: Are you really alone? Are you overlooking your biggest cheerleaders?

Master your psychology with therapeutic insights for your life, relationships, & career