I’m excited to chat!

First, I want to acknowledge your courage. This is a big deal…You made the decision that you are going to do something to stop the cycle of stress and self-doubt.

This tells me that you take your success seriously. It shows you’re willing to break down unhelpful thoughts, patterns, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. Instead, you’re ready for a lasting, balanced feeling of fulfillment. You’re ready to take back control.

Your next step is to select a time for your free, no-obligation call. In this quick chat, we’ll talk through what you’re looking to achieve in your career and life.

During the scheduling process I’ll be asking a series of questions to gather more information about you to prepare for our time together. Take your time with your responses. The more detail you provide, the better I can serve you. Your privacy is paramount. Anything you share is 100% confidential.

Important things to be aware of:

  • Sessions are via phone, Skype, or Facetime. I don’t offer in-person sessions.
  • Coaching packages start at $1800 and are a minimum of 3 months. Payment plans are available. That’s because change isn’t an overnight process. It requires consistency. A 3 -month commitment ensures you achieve deep change instead of just a fleeting, superficial one.
  • Many companies may pay for coaching for their employees. You can ask if this is a benefit available to you. Coaching isn’t covered by insurance, but may be tax deductible.

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