Based on your quiz answers, your Growth Gap is...

Sensory Sensitivity

Now find out what you need to do to break free from overthinking and gain consistent confidence.

Before you think “I already knew I was sensitive!”, it’s important to realize that Sensory Sensitivity is different. It refers to having an overactive nervous system that causes an intense fear response and stops you in your tracks.

With Sensory Sensitivity as your Growth Gap, you may be:

But when you close your Sensory Sensitivity Growth Gap, you're able to:

Notice that Sensory Sensitivity can be a source of strength, but at the same time a source of agony.

That’s because when you have Sensory Sensitivity as a Growth Gap, you’re more susceptible to imposter syndrome.​

To show you what I'm talking about...

Let me tell you the story of my client, Kate.

Kate was just starting a new role with greater responsibility and visibility – which meant more meetings. And she dreaded meetings, especially those with senior leaders.

She never felt comfortable speaking up. There was so much for her to process mentally and emotionally. Kate put a lot of pressure on herself to sound intelligent. And the fear of sounding stupid only overwhelmed her more.

When Kate was asked questions or had to give input on the spot — she would freeze or launch into a nervous tailspin. Which, as you may guess, didn’t make Kate look so good.

When I coached Kate and gave her tools to calm herself in these high-pressure situations, she felt more in control and less overstimulated. This meant she could express herself confidently without hesitation. 

With newfound confidence, Kate eventually led a company-wide all hands meeting and received a lot of positive feedback.

More importantly, Kate felt proud of how competent her colleagues perceived her to be. She consistently felt more secure and emotionally balanced at work – something she hadn’t experienced in a long time.

If Kate's story sounds familiar...

Your Sensory Sensitivity Growth Gap may be also the root cause of your imposter syndrome.

While Kate was initially held back by her fears, she was able to rise above and accomplish more than she ever felt capable of.

The same is possible for you.

That’s why I’ve developed a 3-step process to help you overcome self-doubt, beat overwhelm, and feel confident consistently.

I reveal this 3-step process in my workshop: Find Freedom From Imposter Syndrome.


Find Freedom From

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome materails

The Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome workshop is built to take you from insecure to empowered.

You'll learn how to:

All this means you move through your work day with less stress and more ease.

You’ll walk away with a toolbox of skills you can immediately put into action to close your Sensory Sensitivity Growth Gap.

I instantly walked away more confident.

This workshop was absolutely amazing!

I was struggling with second guessing myself, feeling anxious and never saying no because I wasn't working hard enough. After the workshop, I feel more in control of my thoughts and comfortable working through challenges.

Hi, I'm Melody Wilding, LMSW

For over ten years, I’ve helped Sensitive Strivers like you get out of your own way so you can unlock your potential.

My clients are leaders and top performers at some of the world’s biggest companies, including Google, Facebook, Netflix, JP Morgan, and Verizon.

As an executive coach, licensed social worker, and human behavior professor, I know what it takes to overcome doubt.

And that’s exactly what the Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome workshop will help you do.

past clients at:

My private clients pay over $10,000 to work with me on eliminating their imposter syndrome.

And my schedule doesn’t always have space for new private clients.

But in this workshop, you’ll get many of the same methods I use with my private clients for a small fraction of the price.

When you purchase Find Freedom From Imposter Syndrome, you get instant access to:

My signature workshop  on fighting imposter syndrome, including my 3-step process to close your Sensory Sensitivity Growth Gap

Prep work guide with prompts and quick activities to get energized and centered

Full workbook so you can take action immediately and absorb each takeaway from the workshop

A comprehensive resource guide for more advanced learning to continue your progress afterwards

Access to my Facebook group for support from other Sensitive Strivers

Plus, you'll learn how to get out of your own way and unlock your potential

You’ll overcome the constant self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough – before they sabotage you in your professional life. You’ll go from feeling overly anxious to calm and confident, like Kate.

Eliminate imposter syndrome and gain consistent confidence

This offer expires in:

After working with Melody, I got promoted to a role that delights me. I’d recommend Melody to any professional, who like me, needs the mindset and tools to help them get to where they want to be.


This isn't just another surface-level workshop.

You’ve probably read countless books on your journey. Maybe you even tried therapy. You may have found some relief, but it’s short-lived…

I bet you’re sick of reading articles with tip after tip like “just talk about your feelings with other people!” and “be more aware!”

Talk about let down.

What you’ve been missing — and craving — are highly actionable strategies designed with your unique personality in mind.

That’s exactly what you’ll get inside the Find Freedom from Imposter Syndrome workshop.


Wow! This workshop was so valuable. Definitely worth the investment! Thank you, this is a total game changer.

Melody has helped me get out of my own way and regain control over my expectations and confidence as a senior leader.

Eliminate imposter syndrome and gain consistent confidence

Now it's time for you to decide.

You know you have gifts within you.

You know you are far more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Inner peace, groundedness, and success wait on the other side of getting out of your own way.

Are you ready to choose confidence over fear?

Melody helped me build a new level of confidence. I judge myself less, tie less fearful emotions to bigger, braver actions, and I look at something rationally or logically, instead of emotionally. I’ve now found my super strength!

If you are struggling with Imposter Syndrome, Melody can help. Her unique approach is so effective. She gave me actionable advice on how to take risks in a way that paid off and helped me negotiate a new position.

My manager gave me feedback that imposter syndrome was hurting my ability to grow as a leader. But after working with Melody, I gained confidence in my role. I doubled the size of my team, built trust and influence, and no longer avoid confrontation. Even our CEO says he has noticed a change!

Eliminate imposter syndrome and gain consistent confidence

This offer expires in:

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