I’ve coached hundreds of smart, sensitive top-performers at Fortune 500 companies including Google, Facebook, IBM, KPMG, HBO, Pinterest, and Salesforce. I also work with CEOs and senior leaders along with entrepreneurs.

Read some of my clients’ success stories and what they have to say about working with me:

Melody has an innate ability to quickly identify what is happening in a situation with a limited amount of information and then guide you through the chaos to help you reach the other side.

Before I started working with her, I felt like I was drowning in the stress and overwhelm at my job (which no amount of yoga, self-care or anything else I tried seemed to help). Using the tools that Melody introduced me to, I have a new-found sense of control over my life and an excitement for my future that was not there before.

Melody helped me re-frame my thought patterns to be more growth mindset oriented and I am OVERJOYED with the positive changes to my attitude, self-esteem, and outlook in 3 short months.  Most of all, Melody is authentic and realistic. She does not preach fluffy concepts that sound good on the outside but don’t really work for what’s happening on the inside.

If you are looking for a Sherpa in your life’s journey who can help you find your North Star – Melody is the one for you!

- M.M., Head of Program Management
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If you are struggling with Impostor Syndrome, Melody can help. I worked with coaches before and found it valuable, but Melody’s unique approach was so effective. With her support, I quit a toxic job and, more importantly, she helped me rebuild my self-esteem. She gave me actionable advice on how to take risks in a way that paid off and helped me negotiate my new position. Melody provides a sounding board to help you figure out your next career move, even if it’s really scary and/or uncomfortable. Best of all she’s kind, empowering, and helps you realize where you may be underestimating your contributions and skills.

- A.B., UX Researcher

I was nervous about spending the money on a coach. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it’s the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business. Working with Melody is worth every penny and then some. I wouldn’t be where I am, and I would have completely lost my drive to continue in the face of adversity if not for Melody. Before, I was definitely getting in my own way. But now I feel like I can accomplish any goal, big or small.

The best thing I learned is how to embrace my ambition and high sensitivity. It’s invaluable. I’ve found a way to be happy, successful and fulfilled without burning out. I can’t tell you how much better my self-talk and overall perspective have become.

My biggest success is going from 3 jobs to working full-time on my own business in only 3 months!  Every time I have a nebulous problem, Melody somehow gets right to the heart of the issue. I’ve made so many discoveries about myself, my habits, and my internal challenges that I would very likely never have figured out on my own.

Each session gives me momentum, especially when I’ve started to slow down on my own. At every session, Melody has special lessons and resources to share so that I’m able to work on my challenges and celebrate my successes. She doesn’t give cookie-cutter advice. Her suggestions and insights are entirely personalized. And I particularly value her genuine care and compassion. Her attitude, sensitivity, and knowledge make all the difference in the world. Thank you for all that you do.

- S.L., Professional Organizer
For nearly four years, Melody has been my Virgil, coming into my life as a light when things were at their darkest and most confusing. In our time working together, she’s guided me to strength I didn’t know I had time and time again, helping me turn a life strangled by other people’s expectations into one of conscious, intentional joy at work and at home. I left a toxic relationship and more than one toxic work environment. I also have moved into my own apartment, built a healthy relationship and changed careers (along with nearly doubling my salary). With her advice, I always feel ready to take on a new challenge, push myself, and take risks. Without her, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today.
- M.G.W, Associate Producer at Top Media Company

In just a few weeks, I achieved revenue goals way beyond my expectations as someone starting a side business. I believe Melody’s goal-setting approach set me up to achieve those goals. She’s helped me challenge certain beliefs, which allowed me to come out of a work-derailing funk. Melody guides me on ways to be assertive but also take care of myself.

My favorite thing about Melody is her demeanor and her way of being as a coach. She is so calm and collected in the face of whatever barrage of issues I have presented her with this week. Our conversations feel like I’m taking my boat out of a turbulent river and placing it in a calm lake. It’s almost like a meditation! I feel optimistic! I have really made tons of progress in the realm of imposter syndrome. I feel like a new person at work.

No matter what you’re struggling with, Melody brings you back to center and puts you in the perfect place to receive the unique mindset shifts she provides.

- A.G., Software Engineer and Artist

Working with Melody was a wonderful, valuable experience. Perfect for sensitive people who hope to achieve more! I sought out coaching because I felt stuck, worried, and unconfident after being denied a promotion and switching to a new team. Melody helped me turn around my bad habits of overthinking everything. I got concrete feedback on my promotion application packet. Better yet, I got actionable, game-changing guidance on how to communicate effectively, navigate conflict, and be assertive. This allowed me to stop questioning myself and instead stand up for my opinions and improve my leadership impact. 

- Tech Lead Manager at Google

I can honestly say I’m a better leader today as a result of working with Melody.

I worked with a coach before and had a bad experience, so I was hesitant about the investment of time and money. But everything about Melody’s style and approach just spoke to me. She has an uncanny ability at identifying the heart of a situation quickly. The way she approaches coaching is totally unique — infusing psychology and neuroscience with communication, leadership and career development skills.

Equal parts strategist, advisor, and cheerleader, Melody is an extremely talented coach who understands exactly how to work with ambitious and high performance individuals. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner! 

- J.E., Senior Product Designer

I would not be where I am in my professional and personal development if it weren’t for Melody. We started working together at a time when I needed to unwind from the stress and negative self-image caused by years of being unhappy at my job. I didn’t see a future for myself I’d be happy with. That has changed. Now I am energized and have a much more clear professional direction — one that’s bigger than I ever felt capable of. All this felt like it was organically happening as Melody helped me move forward while staying true to my core values. I relearned to trust myself in the process. You have got to work with her! You will see results within the first one or two sessions, if you are willing to.

- S.A., Regional Manager in Social Services

As a result of working with Melody, I got promoted to a role that delights me. I’m now more motivated to pursue what I want and have developed a stronger belief in myself, my abilities, and my work. Melody provides highly actionable advice that aligns precisely with what I’m trying to achieve. In working together, I have deepened knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses, achieved many wins and opportunities, and learned long-term strategies for career growth. I’d recommend Melody to any young professional woman, who like me, needs the mindset and tools to help them get to where they want to be.

- V.L., Senior Consultant

Working with Melody has been worth every freaking penny. I’m so thankful to have her in my corner.

- L.G., Management Consultant
Melody knows her stuff. She is a true master coach. Our conversations were terrific! 
I sought out coaching because I felt stuck and frustrated. Getting to the next level career-wise as an executive and human being was paramount on my mind, yet I couldn’t convert it to action. Negative stories –– I’m not smart enough, I don’t have the right skills to be a leader –– held back my progress.
Melody helped me identify my superpowers. I fully fleshed out a vision for the promotion I wanted and made a compelling case to the C-suite. I deeply believe that the job I want is what our company needs and that I am the exact right person for it, truly. Coaching allowed me to be confident in who I am and what I bring to the table.
All I can say is, you have got to get a coach! In each session Melody pulled out action steps to apply to my situation. It all felt “made” just for me. Working with Melody is perfect for people who are ready to take action, are open to learning something new and being pushed, and who KNOW there is more out there for them.
- Sara Demenkoff, Director of Programming, Showtime Networks

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I started working with Melody because I knew I wanted to start my own business but I didn’t know where to start. She helped me move from uncertainty to excitement by helping me plan a way to launch that would feel authentic and sustainable.

Melody helped me understand how my innate curiosity and desire to help others solve problems is a valuable asset—and how to articulate it as the foundation for a viable business. Having practical, manageable steps and structure helped me stop spinning and start making meaningful progress.

Coaching is a good fit when you’re feeling stuck and need help gaining a new perspective in a supportive environment. It’s not just venting, though; you have to be ready to change and willing to do the work. Melody will be your biggest advocate. She wants you to succeed, but she won’t hesitate to call you on places where you can improve. She pushes you in a way that helps you grow, and you’ll honestly enjoy the process.

- T.S., Senior Communications Partner and Consultant

I’ve gone from being confused, lost, and untrusting of myself to clear and confident in my decisions. I feel energized because I have clarity about what I am looking for in my career and have made lots of progress to pursue positive, enjoyable work. More importantly, I’ve now take time to do other things that are important to me. Before I used to manage my stress with working more, but now I prioritize myself first so I can perform better all-around.

- Christie Lenox, Senior Manager, Events & Marketing, Valero Alamo Bowl
Coaching with Melody is a surefire way of facing mental and logistical barriers to carrying out your dreams. I gained clarity on my priorities and strengths, learned how to take charge of my time, and became more assertive in my quest for my “ideal day.”
I also gained more self-awareness about behaviors that were not necessarily working in my favor, which has enabled shifting my work/life balance to create more time for myself as I work toward my goals.
Working with Melody also offered me a sense of support and structure that has made attaining my dreams less daunting. As different barriers appeared, I felt confidence in Melody’s collaborative approach to problem-solving, and gained self-sufficiency along the way. It has been an encouraging journey of introspection and action, and I would do it all over again. I know this experience will be invaluable for my future!
- M.U., Counselor and Coach

As an entrepreneur, you sometimes think you have to deal with it all alone, but after a few sessions with Melody, I felt like a load had been lifted off of my back. She helps you talk through and think through difficult personal and work situations, and move forward constructively.

- A.C., Co-founder of Venture Backed Tech Startup

Melody is so incredibly talented at what she does.  Smart, insightful, resourceful, grounded: she’s everything you’d want in a coach. Before we started working together, I struggled with low confidence. My self-consciousness was paralyzing and holding me back. But now I’m attracting more dreams clients and amazing opportunities than ever before. What I love most is the very actionable, highly customized homework activities. Melody’s guidance and support has helped me become happier and more self-assured both at work, and in life in general.  I can’t recommend working with her enough; I truly think she’s one-of-a-kind.

- C.M., Writer & Health Coach

I came to Melody feeling extremely frustrated with my current job. I was underpaid and being passed over for promotions. I was ready to take control of my career and stop passively letting time fly by. Through working with Melody, I drilled down on what I wanted (a more fulfilling and higher paying job, for one), but I also took major steps in accessing the “hidden job market”. As a result, I intentionally evaluated my next steps and moved closer to a job that’s a better fit for my personality, strengths, and the lifestyle I desire. With Melody’s help, I created a networking plan that felt authentic, not sleazy. Melody gave me hands-on guidance about what to do and how to navigate a job search. I gained new confidence in my skills and have become more secure with advocating for myself.

- R.H., Higher Education Administrator

I wanted to let you know that 2 weeks ago I was offered the job that I had been interviewing for! I accepted their offer and will start soon. Thank you so much for all your support and guidance these last several months.

- M.C., Senior Operations Project Manager
For a long time I felt like I was  “going through the motions” of my daily interactions, work activities, and personal relationships. Melody guided me through changes that I wanted to make, but was not sure how. As a result of coaching, I moved to a higher level of personal and professional performance and satisfaction. Difficult conversations, in particular, were always a challenge for me. Melody helped me develop a framework for deep conversations that I can use to make a positive impact and connect with those around me.
- M.L., Senior Project Manager

I am so glad I found Melody! She’s helped me tremendously! Melody confronted hurts I had been reenacting for years, but didn’t dwell on the negative. She helped me process years of family problems and learn how to constructively overcome trust issues that were holding me back in romantic relationships. She gave me concrete actions to move forward and I established firmer boundaries. Immediately, I saw a difference in my everyday life: my anxiety and dissatisfaction was replaced by happiness, optimism, and ease. Now, I can confidently approach healthy relationships with men and friends.

- V.C., CEO of Graphic Design Firm

I have learned to be resilient and know that being strong and sensitive is a winning combination. Melody gave me tools to incorporate more positive ways of thinking and being into my professional life. Changing the language that I use to speak to myself and about myself makes a big difference and makes me feel more empowered.  Coaching is perfect for anyone who wants to do the same.

- C.S., Museum Administrator and Small Business Owner

Working with Melody gave me confidence and structure I needed to take a life-changing step forward in my career. I had been in a job for a year where I was surrounded by negativity. My skills and growth had stagnated. At times I felt hopeless. That all changed when I started working with Melody. I felt equipped and safe to make the decision to leave a bad situation and move towards a brighter future. Thank you!

- L.M., Technology Consultant

When I began working with Melody, I was at a crossroads personally and professionally. I was struggling with low self-confidence and had many fears holding me back at work and in my relationships. Working with Melody helped me learn how to stop internalizing negative feelings and how to stop comparing myself to others. Melody helped me push beyond a series of losses (a difficult break up and a job loss) to come out stronger on the other side. The result: I felt more in control of my life, began to speak up, be more assertive, and value myself in relationships. I highly recommend Melody for anyone who feels lost or confused on their current path.

- L.A., Fashion Designer

Melody was an excellent resource when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life:  the loss of my mother and the break up of an longtime friendship.  Not only was she a sympathetic ear and gave me insight into the grieving process and how to handle major changes, she provided concrete practical information and advice.  I would highly recommend her services. 

- J.A., Researcher
I came to Melody for coaching when I wanted to get serious about a career pivot. I had more than one game-changing takeaway from our work together. Melody’s intake forms served as an interesting self-inventory exercise, and I was so impressed by how prepared she was for our first call.  She was able to cover a lot of ground and had specific advice ready for each topic where I sought guidance. Most importantly, Melody gave me advice on how to incrementally change careers and she encouraged me to not take on new projects in the field I wanted to leave. Melody’s coaching has helped me create a life with a lot more “Hell, yes!”  I highly recommend her as a coach.
- Liz Funk, CEO & Co-Founder of And We Evolve

When you truly ready for the clarity and action steps you need to grow, then working with Melody will be enlightening and rewarding.

- M.S., CEO and Professional Sports Coach

Coaching is great for anyone who has ambition but is not satisfied with their life. As a sensitive person, I can see the clear benefits that a person like me (i.e. hard working, and ambitious but lacking confidence) can get.

Through coaching, I had breakthroughs in areas including dealing with difficult people, self-compassion, developing stronger boundaries, managing creative goals, managing energy, connecting with people, letting go of self-judgement, and other techniques for emotional regulation.

Melody really cares about delivering excellence to her clients. She has done thorough research regarding real world techniques and tools that work. She makes them useful, relatable, and personalized.

- H.B., CEO

Working with Melody has changed my perspective not only on my career, but on my life. Her coaching fits what ambitious women need: actionable, no-nonsense advice that takes into account the various demands competing for our attention and time each day. If you’re ever questioning how your career fits into your life, work with Melody.

- H.S., Global Communications Director

Thank you so much for everything. Our work together has been invaluable to me. After our work together, I am empowered to follow my own rhythms and do what works for me. I’m not always in that place, but I know I have grown and will continue to grow in doing what works for me and embracing myself at work and in life in general. You are awesome!

- J.H., Software Developer at Fortune 50 Tech Company

If you’re looking for a powerhouse combination of smarts and kindness, Melody is your girl. She creates a safe space for you to open up and her style challenges you to grow and think big. Melody understands the true emotional moments and messiness that comes with running a business and she isn’t afraid to talk about it or help you tear down your walls.

- Tatiana Ridley, Founder, Tatiana's Health and Wellness 

Melody cuts through BS and gets to the heart of the issues tugging at you. She offers real, actionable solutions and results. For any young woman entrepreneur looking to find her way, Melody can be your compass.

- P.M., Magazine Executive
What I appreciate about Melody is that she’s has a balanced approach.  She has a natural ability to understand a person’s unique challenges (as if she’s experiencing them too) but she also has the perspective of an outsider that can provide good actionable feedback.  Her clinical experience combined with her understanding of biology and human behavior give her a clear advantage over most coaches.
Our process was organized but not rigid; allowing for improvisation to explore hot topics in any given session.
What I’ll carry with me is the clarity around knowing the importance of saying “no”.  I’m a person who naturally stretches myself thin- trying to accommodate everyone and to participate in everything.  I am now clear on setting boundaries that will help me get more out of my life, my career, and my relationships.
If you’re a high-functioning, ambitious person looking to optimize your life, Melody will help you achieve great things. 
- R.S., Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs

Thank you SO much for being my spirit guide.  You are so wonderful and really help me navigate the murky, churning waters of gainful employment.  You never give up on me!    

- K.M., Director of Marketing

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Writing and Speaking

As an editor, I cannot express how wonderful it is to have a contributor like Melody. She is the consummate professional—thoughtful, prompt, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. Her ideas are always original, creative, and insightful and her stories always arrive on time and in impeccable shape. It’s hard to offer a stronger endorsement of a writer. And readers agree.

- Adam Chandler, Editor at Unstuck.com

Melody had our audience raving over her great advice as a panelist at our Smart Wedding Week event. She dropped spot-on guidance about staying sane through wedding planning stress including helping our brides-to-be handle financial worries, family conflict, and so much more. Fun, poised, and smart, Melody is now our go-to expert in this area!

- Carmen Feliciano, Co-founder of PennyandMary.com

Melody hosted a workshop as part of our “New Year, New You” event and she was a terrific speaker. She gave a delightfully honest, refreshing talk and offered a combination of practical tools and emotional guidance to help women move past emotional and mental blocks standing in the way of their career success. Her talk was inspiring and thought-provoking. She resonated with our membership, who are highly accomplished, professional women membership, and we received glowing feedback that attendees were highly satisfied. They walked away with new ideas about how to succeed and achieve their goals both at work and in the personal lives. We wouldn’t hesitate to invite her back! 

- Maria Frantzis, Founder, Hellenic Professional Women, Inc.
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